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Hodan Abdi, Pax8 Solutions Engineer

CyberCNS protects businesses’ critical data.

Cybersecurity is an increasing priority for business leaders in today’s flexible working environment. With more employees operating remotely, staying ahead in the race against cybercrime is more critical than ever. As an MSP, you’re at the forefront of supporting the move to the modern digital workplace; but with this comes IT complexity and greater cybersecurity vulnerability leaving businesses exposed to malware and ransomware attacks.

To protect business-critical data from cybercriminals, you need to help your clients expand and transform their security systems. As threats continue to rise and get more sophisticated, point-in-time vulnerability scans are no longer enough to stop cybercriminals hacking into networks. To keep data safe, a security platform that operates a continuous scanning solution to identify and remediate constant vulnerabilities is recommended.

A Security Platform Based on Continuous Vulnerability Scanning

CyberCNS is a security platform built by MSPs for MSPs to safeguard critical data from vulnerabilities and exploits. It uses continuous vulnerability scanning technology that identifies critical weak points in the cloud, at the workplace, and in work-from-home environments.

The vendor provides a unique, additional security layer to the technology stack that can be deployed both in the cloud or on-premises. It allows users to automatically view all assets – such as the Azure Active Directory (AD) security anomalies and Microsoft Secure Score across multiple tenants and networks.

Once a solution has been deployed, best-in-class technology regularly scans for both internal and external vulnerabilities. MSPs can mitigate risks and show IT teams how risk was avoided by uncovering system misconfigurations, firewall port inspections, newly discovered assets, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

UK Businesses are More Likely to Pay Cybercriminals

As cybercrime gets more sophisticated, increasing numbers of UK businesses are experiencing phishing attacks that can result in demands for payment to recover critical data. Research carried out by Proofpoint revealed that 82% of British firms that have been victims of ransomware attacks paid the hackers to get their data back. With the global average standing at 58%, this makes businesses in the UK more likely to pay cybercriminals.

Adding CyberCNS to your line card as part of a top tier security stack will help you and your clients get ahead in the fight against cybercrime and stay compliant with regulations and compliance frameworks.

CyberCNS adheres to the requirements of the IDENTIFY (DF) portion of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework.

Top Tier Security that is Easy to Deploy

Because CyberCNS has been specifically designed by MSPs, it’s an easy tool to deploy and integrate with leading Professional Services Software (PSA) tools. The platform also incorporates a comprehensive reporting tool that can be used in presale client meetings. Moreover, CyberCNS offers affordable month-to-month pricing.

Find Out More About CyberCNS

A white paper produced by CyberCNS explains how this cloud-native platform offers a complete asset discovery, one-time internal and external security assessments, and remediation plans to fix critical security issues.

Build CyberCNS into your security stack to protect your clients against sophisticated threat actors.

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