Deliver enterprise-grade cybersecurity to SMBs with CrowdStrike and Pax8

Pax8 Crowdstrike Blog 2024

As the premiere Cloud Commerce Marketplace for the managed service provider (MSP) industry, Pax8 aims to provide MSPs and their small to medium-sized business clients with the utmost in cybersecurity solutions. That’s why we’ve partnered with CrowdStrike, the gold standard of security products, to bring enterprise-grade Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) cybersecurity solutions for SMBs exclusively to the Pax8 Marketplace.

Our partnership allows SMBs to gain access to the same provider that has delivered powerful cybersecurity to Fortune 100 companies. The Pax8 and CrowdStrike SMB cybersecurity bundle also delivers flexible licensing options, including packages with fewer than 200 licenses, without the burden of upfront annual payments. ​

​Read on to learn more about CrowdStrike and why this partnership is such an exciting opportunity for MSPs and their SMB clients.

Why SMBs need enterprise-level cybersecurity (and why MSPs should provide it)

Cyber threats continue to plague businesses of all sizes. In fact, 43% of cyberattacks hit small businesses, according to Accenture, while only 14% of them are prepared to defend themselves. Unfortunately, the problem is projected to only get worse, as Cybersecurity Ventures estimates global cybercrime to grow by 15% over the next five years. The cost of each of these cybercrimes can run about $3 million for SMBs of fewer than 500 employees.

But cyberattacks can cost more than just money. There are many reasons SMBs need to be as vigilant about cybersecurity as their enterprise counterparts, such as the potential loss of data for organizations and their end customers, damage to reputation, disruption of operations, legal consequences, and loss of customer trust.

Unfortunately for many SMBs, they typically can’t access enterprise-grade security tools due to budget. Lesser solutions can result in a higher risk profile for you and your clients as well as alert fatigue, which results in less efficiency from wasted operational hours spent responding to fake threats.

As more security incidents happen, you may find yourself losing customers and facing increasing financial and legal liability.​​ You and your clients both need a better solution so you can grow your business while reducing risk.

Introducing the CrowdStrike MSSP Defend Plus bundle for SMBs

CrowdStrike has been among the leading providers of cybersecurity solutions for enterprise-sized companies and government-level organizations for some time now. It’s well-regarded for its ability to provide real-time protection and threat detection by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms so organizations can respond swiftly to security incidents.

Now, as CrowdStrike seeks to empower SMBs with the same solutions that have been protecting larger organizations, Pax8 has become the only place for MSPs, and the SMBs they serve, to access this powerful technology. As the leading SMB Cloud Commerce Marketplace, Pax8 is the sole location to access the CrowdStrike MSSP Defend Plus bundle. The Pax8 Marketplace also allows for a monthly purchase of CrowdStrike, with no minimums.

What does the CrowdStrike MSSP Defend Plus bundle include?

This bundle includes CrowdStrike Falcon®, the company’s cloud-based endpoint protection platform. It’s designed to protect computer systems and endpoints (such as laptops, desktops, servers, and mobile devices) from cyberthreats across the gamut, from malware and ransomware to advanced persistent threats (APTs).

The bundle also includes:

  • Falcon Prevent (next-generation antivirus): This provides best-in-class prevention by blocking brand-new malware, exploits, and advanced malware-free attacks by using ML and AI alongside a behavioral approach that analyzes indicators of attack.
  • Falcon Insight (endpoint detection and response, or EDR): This enables advanced EDR capabilities by providing deep visibility into metadata generated by the endpoint.
  • Falcon Threat Graph (data retention): As the platform’s EDR module (Insight) generates a significant amount of metadata, Falcon Threat Graph can store this data in the cloud, rather than endpoints or on an on-prem server, so you can see activity across your environment’s endpoints.
  • Falcon Device Control: This module ensures the safe utilization of USB devices across the organization, offering extensive device visibility and granular control, giving admins approval over every device used.
  • Falcon Data Replicator: This grants the ability to import/export data collected by the Falcon platform from all sensors installed across all managed endpoints, in near real-time.

Why CrowdStrike and Pax8?

SMBs shouldn’t have to forego having adequate cybersecurity just because the right technology isn’t offered to them. This new offering aims to provide an all-encompassing solution to SMBs that can help prevent, detect, and respond to cyberthreats. Because SMBs only would need certain modules from the usual suite of 20 that an enterprise business would require, CrowdStrike has included only the features that are essential for SMBs to keep it affordable.

Among cybersecurity providers, CrowdStrike stands out from the crowd by providing a number of differentiators, including:

  • Industry-leading EDR, anti-virus, and endpoint management, all in one platform
  • 100% legitimacy accuracy with zero false positives
  • Trusted by more than half of the Fortune 500, including Zoom, Goldman Sachs, Sony, and more
  • High ratings by industry watchers like Gartner, Forrester, MITRE, and IDC

Purchasing and provisioning the bundle through Pax8 also provides several benefits, such as:

  • It provides the first, and currently only, place SMBs can acquire this bundled offering
  • The option for monthly payments, with no minimums
  • Allowing for packages of fewer than 200 licenses
  • The added value of Pax8 customer support
  • Multitenant licensing
  • It can be co-managed by both the customer and partner, if desired
  • It offers a single, lightweight agent that doesn’t slow down the end-user business process
  • Updates are done automatically, without notifying or impacting end users
  • Turnkey, same-day deployment
  • The industry-leading low false-positive rate keeps teams efficient and focused on what really matters

Start empowering your SMB clients by simplifying their cybersecurity

It’s easy to get started with CrowdStrike. The Pax8 MSSP Defend Plus bundle is now live on the Pax8 Marketplace, where you can purchase, provision, and manage your cloud solutions, all in one place.

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