Backup and disaster recovery solutions are crucial pieces of every MSP’s technology stack. Without them, clients are at risk of losing all their important data in the blink of an eye.


But choosing the perfect backup solution isn’t as easy as picking a can off a shelf, there’s a lot to consider and many features to compare.


That’s why we got our own Director of Vendor Relations Kameron Goldman and Dropsuite Chief Operating Officer Ridley Ruth together to discuss some of the biggest things MSPs overlook when searching for a continuity solution.


Video Transcript

Kameron Goldman:
Hey Ridley, how’s it going?


Ridley Ruth:
Hey Kam, thanks for hopping on.


You got it, Ridley. What’s doing in the world of backup?


Did you know that experts predict that there will be a ransomware attack on businesses every 11 seconds by the end of 2021?


As an MSP, you know your client’s data is at risk and needs to be backed up, but there are a lot of solutions out there. How do you compare all of them?


Price is important, but you probably have obvious criteria like recovery speed, encryption, and analytics on your evaluation checklist.


But what about all the things you may not have considered when looking at a backup and archiving solution?


Let’s review some things that MSPs might not have considered when evaluating backup solutions.


Can you manage all your clients in one place with a multitenant portal?


Does the solution provide backup, archiving, and compliance in a single pane of glass?


Is the platform UI intuitive and easy to use on a daily basis?


Does the platform cover all of your backup and archiving needs? Or, will you need to layer multiple solutions from different vendors?


Is the solution roadmap driven specifically by MSP needs and partner feedback?


Does the solution offer regulatory compliance like FINRA and HIPAA?


Does the solution integrate with leading RMM tools?


Does the solution have hidden fees?


Does the solution integrate seamlessly with Pax8?


Wow, that’s a long list.


But there is a solution that will check all of those boxes.


Talk to your Pax8 account manager today about Dropsuite.


Items to add to your backup solution evaluation checklist

✓  Does it have a multitenant portal?

✓  Does it have backup, archiving, and compliance in a single pane of glass?

✓  Does it have an easy to use, intuitive UI?

✓  Does it cover all of your backup and archiving needs in one solution?

✓  Was it built specifically for MSPs, with their feedback in mind?

✓  Does it offer regulatory compliance?

✓  Does it integrate with leading RMM tools?

✓  Does it have hidden fees?

✓  Does it integrate seamlessly with Pax8?


Dropsuite: Effortless, Channel-Focused Backup

Dropsuite provides cloud backup, eDiscovery, archiving, and recovery solutions delivered at scale to power business defense. With Dropsuite, you get a comprehensive, integrated solution that’s easy to use and has the features you need.

Whether you’ve considered all these factors before or not, you can consider Dropsuite now as the solution for your continuity needs.




About Ridley Ruth

Ridley Ruth headshot

Ridley brings 25 years of industry knowledge to Dropsuite. Previously, he was Vice President of Sales and Marketing and later General Manager of StopTheHacker, a leading website security company (acquired by CloudFlare). Ridley has prior experience in sales, marketing, business development, operations, website security, and forensic data duplication.



About Kameron Goldman

Kameron Goldman headshot

Kameron Goldman is the Director of Vendor Relations at Pax8 where he oversees the Vendor Success Management team, working with partners to create and execute their joint go-to-market strategies. He enjoys all that Colorado has to offer, from hiking and camping in the summer, to skiing in the winter. When not outdoors, you can find him playing ice hockey or cheering on the New York Islanders.