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It is critical for every organization to create a business continuity plan that accounts for any potential disruption to operations.

The Importance of Creating a Strong Business Continuity Plan

One of the most overlooked and essential aspects of a modern business is continuity. It’s ensuring that you’re prepared for anything, from unexpected weather events to a global pandemic or a major network outage.

Organizations often underestimate the importance of a business continuity plan until disaster strikes, and then it’s too late. Some threats, including cyberattacks and extreme weather, are getting worse in today’s age of digital transformation and climate change.

It is critical for companies of any size to have a business continuity plan that accounts for any potential disruption to operations, while also enabling rapid response to maintain resilience. A comprehensive plan will help save money, time, and company reputation.

Innovative Solutions Drive a Smart Continuity Plan

The Pax8 Marketplace offers curated cloud products from the industry’s leading vendors — along with expertise, guidance, and insights. Here, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can find the right solutions and technology stack to create a strong backup and continuity plan.

Cloud solutions are an essential part of continuity planning and accelerating digital transformation. Beyond that, ongoing education is also critical. Pax8 Academy offers MSPs a variety of business continuity resources, including on-demand learning, a deep content library, and one-on-one coaching, to help you develop a plan that works in case disaster strikes.

The Keys to Continuity: Resilience, Recovery, and Contingency

Organizations can increase resilience by designing functions and infrastructures that can withstand any type of disaster. This can include staffing rotations, data redundancy, and maintaining a surplus of capacity.

For recovery, speed is crucial. Set recovery time objectives for systems, networks, and applications; and prioritize which elements must be recovered first.

Finally, a contingency plan has procedures in place for a variety of external scenarios, including a chain of command that distributes responsibilities within the organization in the event of a disruption.

Start Building a Plan for Your Organization

Explore the Pax8 Marketplace to discover innovative solutions that can help power your continuity plans. You’ll find curated cloud products and expert guidance to help create a strong technology stack for your organization.

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