Beyond 2023 day two: The future revealed

Scott Chasin at Pax8 Beyond

As we covered in yesterday’s blog, day one of Beyond 2023 was truly game-changing. From our strategic partnership with CrowdStrike to our immersive cybersecurity training to our 16 breakout sessions, attendees found valuable and actionable content at every turn. Which means we’d have to go above and (dare we say it) beyond, to surpass expectations. Thankfully, the keynote presentations, Security Labs, breakout sessions, partner awards, and special guests today proved more than up to the task. Check out all the ways we were able to deliver on our promise of innovation and community.

The new Pax8 Marketplace, unveiled.

Our mainstage keynote presentation leveled up the game. Pax8 Chief Technology Officer, Scott Chasin, alongside SVP of Product, Elizabeth McIlhany, took the stage to introduce a visionary path forward toward intelligent, Marketplace-lead growth. During this presentation, attendees had the chance to see the future of the Pax8 Marketplace come alive. Through tailored solutions, curated opportunities, and streamlined customer storefronts, the industry’s next evolution took shape in high definition.

The new Pax8 Marketplace features:

  • Data-driven insights: through advanced learning, we can provide our partners with clear pictures of your end customers, giving you the tools to identify and capitalize on sales opportunities and fueling you with a competitive edge.
  • Product consolidation: our breadth of solutions combined with our unique data capabilities ensure that our partners will be able to have a set of relevant product recommendations to help build tailored solutions for all current and future customers.
  • Simplified solutions: end customers can be seamlessly integrated into our ecosystem, for an attractive, intuitive, and engaging customer experience, which equips you with better opportunities to augment business growth.
  • Personalized experiences: Pax8 can uncover hidden opportunities from your data, streamlining the process to create unique, personalized experiences and product recommendations, making it easier to sell.

Stay tuned for more about the new Pax8 Marketplace in the fall where you’ll have the chance to gain early access.

Security Lab

Right of Boom’s Andrew Morgan led even more hands-on cybersecurity training. Attendees benefitted from:

The Business Impact of Security Incidents: A Tale of Two MSPs

Managing Member of techGC, Eric Tilds, framed the impact of a security incident in clearly defined business terms so that MSPs could immediately understand it and put that knowledge into action.

Slaying Persistent Threats: Know Your Enemy

Blackpoint Cyber CEO and Founder, Jon Murchison shared the most common tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) that attackers exploit to gain persistence, escalate their privileges, bypass protections, and avoid detection in MSP and SMB environments.

The 101 of CIS: Your Cyber Resilience Guide

VP of Content Development at the Center for Internet Security, Phyllis Lee, and CEO of Protek, Eric Woodard, discussed how to implement CIS Critical Security Controls, the Community Defense Model (CDM), and why choosing the CIS Controls Framework for your MSP is vital to the health of the industry.

Panel: Incident Response: The Expert Tell-All about Cyber Threats

Clark Harshbarger, Director of Incident Response at CrowdStrike, led this panel of incident response experts, including MacKenzie Brown, Karl Bickmore, and our very own Matt Lee. Over the course of the discussion, these experts shared their own experiences regarding MSP and SMB breaches, how attackers gain access, as well as what services and capabilities partners should be offering their end customers to combat these tactics.

More breakout session highlights

Tomorrow’s Unfair Advantage Today: Harness Your Marketplace

Pax8 Chief Strategy Officer, Ryan Walsh, shared the future-state of Pax8 and how you can gain an unfair advantage by harnessing its potential. He pointed out the fact that 76% of CEOs think that their current business model will be unrecognizable in five years, mostly due to the introduction of new ecosystems. He then explained how the new Pax8 Marketplace will be that agent of change. The results for our MSP partners? An increase in profitability, the ability to enter new markets and sell using your own IP, and the know-how to safeguard your own company against competitive threats. The new Pax8 Marketplace offers partners tomorrow’s growth, today.

The Future of the Marketplace: Leveraging Data to Drive Growth

Led by several innovators at the Pax8 Product and Engineering team, this session built on the mainstage keynote, provided a hands-on demo of the Pax8 data-driven Marketplace. They showed attendees how they can leverage the data that Pax8 builds in its DNA to discover customized tools and solutions as well as tailored opportunities for revenue generation. Throughout the demo, attendees had the chance to learn by doing and find out how powerful the new Marketplace can be for their businesses.

Partner awards

The winners of our inaugural partner awards were announced today, highlighting businesses that have excelled through their Pax8 partnership. Below is the full list of winners:

Pax8 Social Impact:TrueIT
Pax8 Partner of the Year:Sourcepass
Pax8 Hall of Fame:Dynamic Data Technology Group
Most Valuable Player, Security – NA:machineLOGIC
Most Valuable Player, Infrastructure – NA:Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting
Most Valuable Player, Productivity – NA:DigaCore Consulting
Most Valuable Player, Continuity – NA:DigaCore Consulting
Most Valuable Player, Operations – NA:Sparkhound
Most Valuable Player, Nonprofit – NA:Visual Edge IT
Most Valuable Player, Security – EMEA:Procano AS
Most Valuable Player, Infrastructure – EMEA:Extech Cloud
Most Valuable Player, Productivity – EMEACarya Group
Most Valuable Player, Nonprofit – EMEA:ZiAAS
Most Valuable Player – APAC:Corp IT

Vendor awards

Without our vendor partners, Pax8 would not be able to offer all the exciting solutions and services we do. Below is the list of vendor awards given out to the best-of-the-best in 2023!

Vendor of the Year:Microsoft
Most Valuable Player, NA:Proofpoint
Most Valuable Player, EMEA:Acronis
Most Valuable Player, APAC:Check Point
Breakthrough Vendors:DNSFilter, ConnectSecure
Social Impact and Sustainability Vendor:Microsoft
Partners’ Most Valuable Vendor:SentinelOne
Innovation and Automation Vendor:Pillr
Collaboration Vendor:Dropsuite

Congratulations to all the winners!

Thank you, sponsors!

Once again, we want to acknowledge our gracious Titanium, Diamond, Platinum, Gold, and Silver sponsors for hosting our breakout sessions. Without your support, Beyond 2023 wouldn’t have been possible.

Closing party

We kicked off Beyond 2023 with a bang during our welcome reception on Sunday night and bookended the festivities with an equally amazing closing party last night. Featuring a live DJ spinning party favorites and legendary recording artist Nelly performing his top hits, it was truly a celebration for all in attendance.

What’s next? Pax8 Momentum.

If you enjoyed getting to hear from, and talk to, some of the industry’s leading minds in person, then you won’t want to miss the only other in-person event of the year from Pax8. Designed to supercharge MSPs, this two-day event helps partners hone their technical and business skills, drive operational momentum, and move their businesses into what’s possible.

Dates and locations are:

  • When: September 24-26, 2023
  • Where: Marriott Denver Tech Center

Be sure to register.

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