Beyond expectations: Day one recap


Pax8 understands better than anyone that innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. In fact, we’re known for our ability to create momentum for our partners, which is why we created Beyond 2023 in the first place. Whether you were on site with us or were just hoping to be, please enjoy this look back at all of the innovation and community day one held.

Welcome reception

We kicked off this one-of-a-kind event by giving our attendees the chance to mix and mingle on Sunday night. The air was crackling with excitement in anticipation of the innovative days ahead.

Keynote address

One of the biggest takeaways from day one occurred during the keynote address from Pax8 Chief Commerce Officer Nick Heddy and Canalys Chief Analyst Jay McBain: Pax8 is now in a strategic partnership with CrowdStrike. The announcement was further punctuated by an appearance by CrowdStrike Chief Business Officer, Daniel Bernard, and perfectly sets the stage for our next big announcement happening on day two. Stay tuned!

Security Lab

Right of Boom’s Andrew Morgan hosted cybersecurity training in an immersive environment alongside John Strand, founder of Black Hills Information Security. Together, they offered hands-on data breach insights featuring firsthand knowledge of cyberattacks from a fleet of experts who lived through them. Our experts offered practical steps MSPs can take to protect their businesses in the future. This was in-depth, real-world training you couldn’t find anywhere else.

16 breakout sessions

Beyond 2023 promised something for every MSP, whether you were looking to grow, improve security, or embrace innovation. Here are some highlights across the 16 breakout sessions we hosted.

Sell Like a Pro: MSP Sales Secrets Exposed

Keith Marchiano helped attendees learn the strategies they need to build client relationships and drive business growth. They came away with the knowledge of how to delegate and schedule time for sales and the importance of networking and nurturing relationships.

Navigating Risk in Your Business: Strategies for Mitigating Security Threats

Security and Compliance Senior Director Matt Lee and Director of Cloud Services Dominic Kirby walked attendees through specific strategies for mitigating the impact of risks like financial uncertainty and cybersecurity threats. They even provided proactive steps MSPs can take to safeguard their business.

Pitch Perfect: Sell Dynamics 365 with Ease

Pax8 Global GTM Solutions Director Mat Batterbee and Bam Boom Cloud’s Chief Technology Officer and Pax8 Senior Director of Business Applications, Steve Brooks, Sr. showed how to go to market with Dynamics 365 more easily than ever before by offering Dynamics 365 to customers without the effort of building a practice, but with all the benefits.

Panel: Unlocking Growth through Diversity: The Power of Inclusion and Innovation

Pax8 CVP of Business Applications, Vicky Critchley, moderated this panel discussion that explored how greater inclusivity drives business growth. Attendees got to hear from vendors and partners who are blazing a trail through what has always been and shaping what the industry will be tomorrow, a year from now, and well into the future.

Thank you to our sponsors

We want to acknowledge our amazing Titanium, Diamond, Platinum, Gold, and Silver sponsors. Without your support, Beyond 2023 wouldn’t be possible.

That’s it for day one!

It really was everything we hoped it would be — the perfect marriage of innovation and community. Please come back for our day two recap tomorrow to check out anything you might’ve missed, including highlights from our next keynote featuring our very own CTO Scott Chasin, winners from our inaugural partner awards, and more!