Bam Boom Cloud expands MSP ERP accounting software capabilities

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Leave the limits of traditional accounting software behind.

Business Central is among the best-known modules and biggest attractions of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool. This ERP accounting software can be hugely effective in the SMB (small- and medium-sized businesses) space. That’s why Bam Boom Cloud, the Business Central Partner of the Year winner, joined the Pax8 family in February 2023 to support partners who transact Microsoft to help their businesses grow.

Traditional accounting software approaches

Many organizations don’t have a leading-edge proprietary accounting solution in their back pocket. As such, they typically use standalone accounting software or an ERP solution with an accounting function to handle cash flow management and other critical internal financial processes.

The latter route is common. Using an ERP accounting software module in a cloud-based platform like Dynamics 365 means easy access to critical data from other areas of the business, due to the ERP’s inherent integration capabilities. Chances are high that the ERP will integrate with other tools from the same software company.

Some business leaders may want to stick with whatever approach they always have — be it basic accounting software or an ERP module. But there are numerous challenges that can arise in either context, and soon enough, resisting change might no longer be viable. For example, when using an a la carte accounting software solution, if the system doesn’t integrate well with your payroll system and allow for easy data sharing, it can create general ledger posting delays, inefficient financial reports, and resource wastage that — one way or another — leads to avoidable extra costs.

Along similar lines, if you’re using an ERP system module for accounting but you implemented it hastily and/or without assistance from an experienced partner, a mistake in accounting could snowball into a fundamental problem. This can affect everything from inventory to the overall supply chain life cycle. In addition, if the ERP system you’re using doesn’t integrate with your clients’ other business-critical solutions, such as Microsoft 365, your clients will lose out on efficiency and may become frustrated by having to use siloed products.

The consequences of such challenges can add up to notable losses sooner than you might think. But they are preventable. Managed service providers (MSPs) can help customers not only address accounting and financial operations woes but also grow (and manage) new business lines.

Business Central and Bam Boom Cloud

Bam Boom has burnished its reputation for more than 20 years by taking on challenges other business consultancies couldn’t — and succeeding. As the winds of technology and business shifted, so did the firm’s focus on cloud-based software solutions and the development of a close partnership with Microsoft.

Business Central sales, implementation, and oversight constitutes a flagship service area for Bam Boom. Experts assist companies in exchanging spreadsheet-based accounting systems or overcomplicated software for Business Central, including key features like reliable budget forecasting, seamless automation, and dynamically visualized, meticulous financial reporting.

Now, Bam Boom’s partnership with Pax8 allows the 2022 Microsoft U.K. Partner of the Year to work with a globally renowned cloud Marketplace. This means more MSPs than ever can help improve their clients’ fiscal management operations with Business Central.

Simplify ERP accounting with KickStart for Business Central

There’s no doubting the popularity of Dynamics 365 Business Central. It’s often ranked among the best ERP software. Where organizations might have trouble is in adopting and implementing the module.

This might be due to frustration with current tools or a suspicion of cloud-based alternatives. It’s a matter of lacking in-house personnel with the necessary expertise to smoothly migrate the business management and ERP accounting system to the cloud. Or you’ve had trouble with integrations in the past.

Whatever the reason, Bam Boom Cloud can provide support through KickStart, their unique implementation program. This ERP implementation pack is designed to make adoption of Business Central as simple as possible, with a “fixed price, fixed outcome” model that makes the process fast but thorough. There’s also an option that replaces the larger upfront cost with a monthly subscription model that allows partners to start smaller and scale as needed.

KickStart begins with five primary steps:

  • Configuring Business Central to simultaneously meet specific business needs and industry-standard best practices (plus any related compliance requirements).
  • Importing financial data based on Bam Boom-designed templates so it’s organized and easily cloud-accessible.
  • Training from Bam Boom Cloud experts to help you get the hang of key Business Central accounting system functions.
  • Monitoring and testing to minimize the chances of early snags with the finance and accounting ERP module.
  • Ongoing support that ensures accounting department staff and other end users can always troubleshoot issues with Bam Boom experts.

With KickStart, cost is entirely need-based, so organizations only pay for the exact implementation services and functions they want at the outset. (And before they even begin, they can use this brief questionnaire to get a sense of how KickStart could work for them.) As companies grow, they can scale up their Business Central and Dynamics deployments to meet that expansion. This creates even more opportunities for MSPs working with the Bam Boom Cloud team through Pax8.

How Pax8 helps MSPs diversify their Dynamics 365 offerings

Anyone who has been an MSP leader or other key stakeholder deeply understands the critical importance of vendor-client relationships.

The wide-ranging accounting and financial business process tools in the module are important enough on their own to be the foundation of a close partnership between an MSP and various customers, ranging from a typical small business to regional or multinational large businesses.

But once your MSP adds Business Central to its Dynamics 365 offerings with the help of Pax8 and Bam Boom, your organization has the chance to be a Microsoft one-stop-shop. As customers grow and diversify, they can add modules like Sales Professional or tools that aren’t directly part of Dynamics 365 but integrate seamlessly with it, such as Microsoft PowerBI; Bam Boom Cloud has considerable experience with both. And because Dynamics 365 drives more revenue for Azure cloud computing if you offer it and can help you upsell Microsoft 365, it will help you grow your overall business by creating natural extensions between Microsoft solutions.

Even if your clients prefer to stick with Business Central, the capabilities of that ERP application alone are staggering, including support for supply chain management, human resources, customer relationship management, warehouse management, and more. Finally, once your MSP customers are introduced to the Pax8 Marketplace, they’ll almost certainly find more business-critical cloud apps they need.

For more insights into key cloud and MSP trends, stay connected with the Pax8 Blog. And if you’re ready to get a sense of how Pax8 will help you find more mission-critical solutions for your own operations or your clients’, schedule a demo.

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