Pax8 assists industry-leading MSP to drive cloud transformation through strategic alignment


Substantial growth requiring collaboration

As one of the largest managed service providers (MSPs) in North America, NexusTek is leading the cloud technology transformation. The company has seen incremental growth by staying at the forefront of the latest technology innovations and offering cutting-edge solutions. But as their clients’ needs changed, NexusTek continues to evolve its strategy to offer more than the status quo of cloud licences. Since companies are relying more and more on the cloud, they look to NexusTek to enable their entire IT infrastructure, including security, productivity, and efficiency.

As NexusTek grew, the company needed more than just a distributor to develop their client relationships and expansion strategy. They required collaboration and alignment with their goals, as well as a robust ecosystem of vendors, and so began their search for a strategic partnership.

“We evaluated several options extensively on our search to find the distributor that provided the level of support and alignment we needed.” Terry Washington, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Channel Sales at NexusTek


A strategic partnership with Pax8

As a born-in-the-cloud distributor, Pax8 offers technological innovations and industry knowledge to drive NexusTek’s initiatives and growth strategies. Pax8 has an expansive partner ecosystem and a close alignment with Microsoft to enable collaboration on many levels, introducing NexusTek to new opportunities and expanding their presence in the industry. Furthermore, Pax8 shares NexusTek’s vision of driving the channel’s evolution and their clients’ cloud transformation journeys.

“We chose to partner with Pax8 because of their strategic relationship with Microsoft, their presence in the industry, and the automation provided through their PSA integrations. So far, the partnership has been a match made in heaven.”

The PSA integrations available through the industry-leading Pax8 Platform add additional value. They provide automation that NexusTek knew would enhance their back-office operations. The ability to seamlessly provision, bill, and invoice saved the company time and money.


Driving Microsoft growth

As the largest distributor of Microsoft licences to the SMB market, Pax8’s relationship with the company encompasses several areas. Leveraging those relationships, NexusTek received enhanced support, new opportunities, and valuable resources. By taking advantage of the Pax8 Microsoft experience, NexusTek can also access multiple partner enablement programmes, educational resources, and a dedicated Microsoft-focused account manager. Offering Microsoft through the CSP structure increases the support and solutions NexusTek can provide to its clients.

“We have a significant nationwide relationship with Microsoft and needed a partner that could optimise and maximise our effectiveness. Pax8 is the premier distributor of Microsoft solutions and support, and we knew they could help enhance our offerings.”

This engagement will also unlock marketing opportunities through lead generation, increasing their cloud sales and revenue. Together with Pax8, NexusTek is empowering its future and accelerating its Microsoft growth.

Empowerment through automation

One of the most significant impacts NexusTek realised from their partnership with Pax8 was the value provided through the PSA integrations. An organisation as large as NexusTek requires a substantial amount of time and effort focused on billing and invoicing processes. Additionally, provisioning licences for a large client base that is consuming several vendors’ licences can be cumbersome.

“The integration into our back-office systems offered through Pax8 delivers a lot of value in our ability to run our business. The capabilities greatly increased the accuracy of our tracking and billing. We were able to identify and correct errors, increasing sales while removing unused licences.”

The automation provided through the PSA integrations and the Pax8 Platform allows for the industry’s fastest provisioning. Utilising the self-service platform, NexusTek accurately tracks and bills clients, eliminating the need for reconciliation. This saves NexusTek hundreds of hours per week because it eliminates the need for manual billing.

Driving acquisitions with lead generation

Pax8 is already proving its commitment to driving mutual growth through its lead-generation programme, BattlePax. The programme matched NexusTek with appropriate profiles based on several demographics, including their technology stack, company size, and the number of seats from a sales qualified leads database. This go-to-market initiative is the type of strategy NexusTek found only at Pax8.

“Our symbiotic partnership with Pax8 is evident through our involvement in the BattlePax Programme. The BattlePax team is very communicative, and we have a regular cadence where we engage in collaborative discussions. This engagement is a clear distinction between a distributor and a partner, and why we chose to work with Pax8.”


A partnership on a high-growth trajectory

NexusTek plans to expand its vendor portfolio through Pax8, strengthening its presence in the channel and extending the breadth of its reach. Through the industry-leading Pax8 Platform, award-winning partner programme, and superior solutions, NexusTek will broaden and enhance its solutions offerings. Working collectively on joint marketing efforts and executing qualified opportunities will generate more account acquisitions and an aligned approach to business development.

With Pax8, NexusTek has found a strategic partnership. Through strong collaboration, they will drive clients’ cloud transformation, producing phenomenal results. Their shared vision and alignment on the industry’s future will lead the channel’s evolution, impacting how cloud technology is sourced and consumed.

“We could find anybody to be a distributor, but with Pax8, we have a dedicated team that is empowering collaboration.”

About NexusTek

Trusted by thousands of businesses for 25 years, NexusTek is a national provider of managed IT services and full IT outsourcing solutions. Ranked among the top MSPs in North America and a multi-year CRN Triple Crown Award winner, NexusTek’s 24/7/365 domestically-staffed support team designs holistic technology solutions to improve business continuity, productivity, operational efficiency, and cost-effectiveness for companies across the U.S.

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