World-class account management and technologies at Pax8 mean increased growth for Inflection Point


Inattentive and sales-focused account management

Having previously worked with other providers, the team at Inflection Point found the reconciliation process to be overly laborious, time-consuming, and ineffective. If an issue arose, it would often take a considerable amount of time to reach the distributor and get the problem resolved. This painstaking process often resulted in frustration for both the Inflection Point team and their client. The leadership team was looking for a provider who would do more than just sell licenses.


Inflection Point was ready to leave its previous distributor in favour of the seamless integrations, automated processes, and world-class account management offered by Pax8. As soon as Pax8 entered the UK market in early 2021, Inflection Point made the switch.

“Account Management was a big deal for us. Our Account Manager with our previous provider only reached out to us when they had something to sell, and we often found it difficult to reach someone when a problem arose. The management at Pax8 has been second to none.” -Joe Kettlety, Head of IT IT Managed Services at Inflection Point.


Pax8 account management keeps Inflection Point ahead of the game

The automated processes available through Pax8 saves Inflection Point countless hours each month, with the PSA integration tool proving to be particularly valuable to the business. Iain Godding, Managing Director of Inflection Point, notes that it doesn’t matter when the client self-provisions its licenses. He knows that the billing will be accurate and reflective of the number of purchases made. By leveraging the Pax8 Marketplace, Inflection Point has elevated the company to another level by provisioning multiple licenses quickly and easily.


“The speed and effectiveness of the Pax8 Marketplace make Inflection Point efficient. We don’t have to worry about billing with Pax8. Whereas before, we lost thousands through missed licenses, that problem is a thing of the past.”-Iain Godding, Managing Director at Inflection Point..


Inflection Point’s partnership with Pax8 equates to rapid growth

According to Iain and Joe, the primary benefit of working with Pax8 is the ability to sell through service catalogues and leverage the team’s extensive knowledge and expertise when working with clients. When a new product or vendor is available on the Pax8 Marketplace, Inflection Point has always been able to promptly speak with a member of the Pax8 team. The Inflection Point team always feels comfortable bringing Pax8 into meetings with clients because they know that Pax8 will professionally represent the business while ensuring that the client’s needs are met. Iain reflects that “you don’t often get this level of trust with other distributors.”


Inflection Point has found that enabling clients to self-provision and manage their own licenses has significantly boosted sales. The clients’ ability to directly access the Marketplace equates to absolute visibility, making Inflection Point a more trusted and credible cloud provider because it’s clear that the client will only pay for the licenses they order. The Pax8 Marketplace saves the MSP and its clients significant quantities of time. “Time isn’t wasted waiting for a license to appear on a profile- it’s there instantly. Whilst this only saves minutes per account, this time adds up across the board!”


Inflection Point aims to double the business’s size in the coming 24 months. Pax8 is already playing a vital role in the MSP’s growth by providing the support and technology needed to expand. Iain notes that “Pax8 amplifies the scale that Inflection Point can compete in.”


“Pax8 is in Inflection Point’s corner. If a problem arises, Pax8 will work with our team to resolve it quickly and effectively. You want to do right by end-users, and Pax8 enables us to do precisely this.”-Joe Kettlety, Head of IT Managed Services at Inflection Point.


Consistent growth and strengthened client relationships

The flexibility and simplicity of the Pax8 Marketplace has enabled Inflection Point to go from operating as a local support company to working with much larger companies. Iain and Joe note that whilst you’d expect to complete copious forms to transition to a new provider, the Pax8 process is seamless and couldn’t be easier.


“Our Account Manager did all the work for us, meaning that we didn’t lose any time or money. It was a completely painless process.” – Iain Godding, Managing Director at Inflection Point


Working with Pax8 has enabled Inflection Point to increase their annual revenue drastically. Since 2018, the business has doubled in revenue each year, and Iain notes that this is because of how Inflection Point works with its clients. The ability to lean on Pax8 experts for either internal or client-facing support is an integral tool in building trust and rapport with clients.


“Trust-based consultancy and selling is key to our increasing our revenue. We focus on the businesses rather than the technology.” – Iain Godding, Managing Director at Inflection Point

About Inflection Point

Inflection Point combines technology and business consultancy to give clients the solutions to their digital problems. The team firmly believes that it’s not about implementing the latest technology – it’s about implementing the technology that’ll solve the problem. That’s what makes Inflection Point different. The team makes positive changes in their clients’ businesses by building personal relationships.


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