Pax8 helps MSP extend capabilities and grow relationships


Complicated projects require additional resources

For Cebic Technologies, the clients’ needs always come first. But as an MSP that works with smaller businesses, the company often outsources or work with third-party contractors when it comes to complex, large-scale projects. Email migrations, Azure deployments, and complicated cloud projects can require specific expertise that differs greatly from the day-to-day manage- ment MSPs are used to providing.

“When it comes to more complex projects, we often outsource to third-party experts.” Peter Zafian, President and CEO of Cebic Technologies

For a company like Cebic, with only a few employees, finding the bandwidth to tackle larger IT projects can be challenging. Luckily, there’s another way to support their clients and get these projects done.


Professional Services with Pax8

Cebic discovered Pax8 through recommendations from other trusted and respected partners in the IT industry, and quickly realized the benefits that a value-added distributor could bring to their business. Starting with Microsoft 365, then adding endpoint and email security solutions, Cebic built out a stack of cloud products from Pax8 to offer their clients.

“Traditionally, our model was not to work through distribution, but when we were introduced to Pax8, the value became clear to us. Pax8 goes above and beyond to make the whole experience even better.”

After attending a Pax8 Microsoft Bootcamp, Cebic also realized the usefulness of white-labeled Professional Services from Pax8, which could alleviate the burden of large-scale projects like email migrations and cloud deployments.

When a client decided to make the switch to Microsoft, Cebic reached out to Pax8 to see if their Professional Services team could help with the migration.

“I really love having a competent resource in Pax8 and their team of engineers for me to use when I need to achieve big things.”


Easy to get started

You might think working with a third party would make IT projects more complicated to plan, but as Cebic Technologies found out, Pax8 makes it as effortless as possible to kick off Professional Services projects. Soon after filling out the Professional Services request form, Cebic was communicating with a member of the Pax8 team to discuss and start planning the migration.

“It was incredibly easy working with the Pax8 Professional Services team to understand the scope of the project so we could seamlessly manage the client’s expectations.”

By being involved from the very beginning, the Professional Services team was able to work with both Cebic and the client to clearly outline how the project would go and answer any questions the client had about the migration.

In-depth, proven expertise

One of the things Cebic Technologies enjoyed the most about utilizing Pax8 Professional Services was the wealth of knowledge and expertise that the team brought to the project. Because Pax8 works so closely with vendors, their team has plenty of experience using cloud products in real-world situations.

“When it’s something we haven’t done before, I trust Pax8 because I know that they have done it, and they can answer any questions the client may have.”

With the Pax8 team’s expertise backing the project, Cebic could rest assured that the migration would go smoothly. They also enjoyed being able to learn along the way, expanding their own expertise as they worked alongside Pax8 throughout the project.

Helping build relationships with clients

The ability to use the Pax8 Professional Services team to extend their capabilities to provide any IT service, regardless of size or scope, is a major plus for smaller MSPs like Cebic. They are able to create and maintain stronger relationships with their clients, who can trust that all their technology needs are being met.

“It’s such a relief having a service that can competently handle migrations, so we can focus more on the skillsets we have in managing those services.”

In fact, Cebic’s client was so pleased with the streamlined Microsoft migration that they started to look at migrating to new security solutions as well.


Handling difficult projects with confidence

With the knowledge Cebic Technologies could rely on Pax8 to augment their team on migrations and other resource-intensive projects, the company became confident that they could handle anything thrown their way. Most importantly, they understood that with Pax8, it could be done seamlessly, affordably, and easily.

What’s more, they won’t have to go out of their way to find help for future projects, instead relying on a partner who already helps them every day. With Pax8, going above and beyond is the standard, and providing Professional Services is only one of the ways they make cloud easy for their partners.

“We’ve really enjoyed working with Pax8. From getting the products and support we need, to having the relationships and resources that help our business, Pax8 is always there for us.”

About Cebic Technologies

Since 2002, Cebic Technologies has been providing clients with personalized support strategies that include not just managed IT services, but also IT consulting and technical support. With decades of expertise across various industries, Cebic Technologies works closely with each client to build a customized IT strategy at an affordable cost. By putting the client’s interests first, Cebic allows SMBs to focus on their business goals, knowing that all their IT needs are handled.


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