Pax8 engages with MSP to help shape the future of cloud management


A need for innovation

In 2020, Pax8 set out to create something the IT channel had never seen before. Realizing that certain partner needs weren’t being met amid shifts in the industry landscape, Pax8 developed the next evolution of cloud management software – Pax8 Pro. This new service would make partners’ jobs easier, allowing for more integrations, security, automation, insight, and overall, more efficiency.

Pax8 knew that working closely with partners and involving them heavily in the development process was the only way to achieve these goals. And so, they assembled some of their most trusted partners and formed a Partner Advisory Council (PAC) to help drive the creation of key features and provide feedback, suggestions, and advice on the entire platform experience.


Teaming up with a trusted partner

Before development had even started, machineLOGIC was involved in pivotal conversations with Pax8 around the future of the cloud and identifying opportunities to enable greater efficiency. As a strategic Pax8 partner, machineLOGIC was invited to take part in the PAC.

“We’ve had the privilege of working with the team at Pax8 to help them to shape the direction and key features in the development of Pax8 Pro.” Daniel Johnson, Owner and CEO of machineLOGIC

Members of the PAC were given early access to Pax8 Pro, with the chance to suggest and try out the new capabilities. Almost immediately, machineLOGIC was impressed by and excited for several of the new features.


Enabling a security mindset

One of the largest benefits machineLOGIC saw in Pax8 Pro was access to Microsoft security reporting with GAP analysis. This tool automatically identifies users or client environments at risk based on multi-factor authentication (MFA) usage. This information is available with an aggregate view across all clients making it easy to identify and prioritize vulnerabilities.

“Making our clients more secure and thus making us more secure as an MSP is a huge win-win for everybody. We can do that with Pax8 Pro.”

With this increased visibility into security practices, along with the ability to set standardized policies for MFA and encryption, machineLOGIC knew Pax8 Pro would allow for better and easier optimization, reinforcing their focus on client security.

Time-saving automation

Another feature that stood out to machineLOGIC was the new automation and PSA syncing abilities, which allow for more efficient user management by eliminating many steps in the traditional service ticket workflow. With Pax8 Pro, partners can easily perform tasks like creating new users and automatically assigning onboarding/offboarding checklists, all without leaving the platform.

“Inefficiencies in handling workflow tickets have the power to slow our business down, but with Pax8 Pro, we can save hours of time and keep everything moving smoothly.”

Previously, machineLOGIC would manually create and assign onboarding checklists, but with these tasks being automated, their engineers now have 25% more time to spend on revenue generating activities.

The missing tool for cloud management

One of the challenges machineLOGIC found in traditional cloud management was that there seemed to be a large gap between the capabilities of remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools and PSA tools, making it difficult to manage a client’s entire environment efficiently. With Pax8 Pro in place, machineLOGIC quickly realized it was the missing tool that MSPs needed to fill that gap.

“By providing visibility, reporting, and quick management of applications, then adding all of that into the workflow, Pax8 Pro is giving MSPs something they’ve really wanted and needed.”

Because Pax8 Pro allows for deeper PSA synchronization and integrations with Microsoft Azure, MSPs don’t have to juggle as much between different platforms and logins, making for a faster and more efficient management process.


A platform built by MSPs, for MSPs

With greater visibility into security gaps, automations that cut hours of work, and integrations that allow for seamless management, Pax8 Pro gave machineLOGIC some of the core benefits that they wanted to see from the next evolution of Pax8.

“Pax8 is shaking up the industry once again and changing how MSPs approach management. There’s no other distributor we see doing this type of work around innovation.”

Through their involvement with the PAC, machineLOGIC played a crucial role in shaping a tool that could provide a boost to not only their business, but to the entire IT channel. Together, Pax8 and the PAC developed innovative features that represent the future of cloud management: Pax8 Pro.

About machineLOGIC

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