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The Four Levers of Gross Margin
A discussion of the four levers:
-Engineer Pay Rate
-Billing Rate
-Billable Utilisation
-Fixed Fees Effective Ratio
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The 6 Common Operational Mistakes
The top 6 operational mistakes outlined through stories and best practices.
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How to Build Long-Term Business Goals
Understand the journey to success with the help of long-term business goals.
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Microsoft Copilot 101:
The Future of an AI-Ready Workforce
Discover how Copilot can help you manage and grow your business faster with AI. Replace repetitive tasks with automation to streamline your workflows, enhance your collaboration and grow your business.
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Instructor-Led Training Program

Work with industry experts

Pax8 Instructor-Led Training is a cost-effective method of educating yourself and your team to develop increased capabilities. The program is accessible and practical, meets partners where they are now, and provides the most value.


Make impactful changes

Each training course is developed and delivered by industry subject matter experts and specialists. Training is based on:
  • Real-world experience
  • Market trends
  • Observations and analysis of the organisations we work with
  • Where we can help you make the most impactful changes


Enrol your whole team

Our training is delivered as a flexible month-by-month subscription service. All staff within your organisation may access all courses offered that month with no additional per course or per seat charges.

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Training course library:

  • Applying a Security Framework
  • Developing Security Policies
  • Building an Incident Response Playbook
  • Packaging and Positioning Security
  • Fundamentals of Service
  • Introduction to Service Management
  • Introduction to Project Management
  • Advanced Service Management
  • Managing Problems and Root Cause Analysis
  • Build and Optimise your Service Desk Practice
  • Deploying M365 Business Premium
  • PowerApps and Automate
  • Azure Best Practices for MSPs
  • Introduction to Azure
  • Hardening M365 Security
  • Managing and Supporting Azure Environments
  • PC On Cloud: Design and Deploy Azure Virtual Desktop

Sales and marketing
  • Identify and Sell to your Ideal Client
  • Building an Account Management Practice
  • Marketing and Branding
  • Leveraging Technical Presales
  • Results Selling Framework
  • Growing your Sales Team
  • MSP Foundations
  • Contracts and Agreements
  • Building your MSP
  • Getting your Finances in Order
  • Leveling up your Finances
  • Financial Benchmarking for TSPs
  • Mission, Vision, Values Workshop
  • Operations for Efficiency and Profitability
"Course was absolutely great! Really liked that there was more than one Pax8 representative at the meeting helping out with Chat and other organisational tasks to keep the course rolling."

Roman Schwab, REMSIS
"I loved the classes — the content was very informative, and the instructors were engaging and knowledgeable, which was very helpful. This course was worth paying for based on how it has helped me learn how to set up a successful MSP business."

Dena Francis, Encompass Technology
“Overall, the course was very well done and provides an excellent foundation to help build and grow an MSP.”

Tom Williams, Anywhere Computer Care
“This is exactly what I was hoping for.”

Alexander D. Shields, Shields Networking
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Group Coaching

The Group Coaching program is designed for partners to transform and grow their businesses. Work alongside peers and industry experts to share experiences, gain expertise, be accountable to one another, and grow together.
Key concepts include:
  • Financial management
  • Organisational design
  • Resource forecasting
  • Planning
  • Go-to-market strategies 
Groups meet virtually for two hours each fortnight, working through programs facilitated by experienced subject matter experts. Each cohort is made up of businesses at a similar operational maturity level.

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Business Coaching

Get a customised roadmap to success, objective guidance, and accountability from expert MSP coaches
Our 5-phase approach to operations and business excellence guides you through your transformational coaching experience. 
1. Understand

We train you on concepts and best practices.

2. Document

We work with you to customise templates and processes.

3. Train

Train your staff and get buy-in on new policies and procedures.

4. Implement

We work together to implement the new operational focus.

5. Inspect

Follow up process (this is where the most progress is made).

Featured learning: Security resources

Is your business defensible?

Pax8 equips partners with world-class expertise, top vendors, and real-time resources.

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Launch your business into what's possible

Let’s talk about how Pax8 Academy can help you grow your business
“With the insights gained from Pax8 Academy, we were able to streamline our operational framework. The newfound clarity in financial reporting meant we could easily identify profit centres, cost structures, and areas needing attention. Such granular insights not only facilitated better decision-making but also impressed our accountants!”

Aaron Mitchell, Business owner

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