Women in tech: Pax8 leaders reflect on their roles in the industry

Victoria Durgin, Communications Coordinator
Women in Tech

At Pax8, women are leading the charge towards equity. Here are some of their thoughts on how that charge will empower women in tech.

Every March marks International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, a time for acknowledging the progress that has been made toward gender equity and reflecting honestly on the work that still needs to be done. In the tech industry, women are still underrepresented in many fields. At Pax8, we value the innovation and drive our femme and women leaders bring to our work. Several of them recently discussed a variety of topics, from how to increase recruitment for a diverse workforce to how women can advance in today’s technology industries.

Women drive innovation and company culture

Pax8 celebrates the perspectives and experiences of people from all different backgrounds and walks of life, with women accounting for one-third of the global Pax8 workforce. A diverse workforce helps bring new perspectives to business and technology challenges and supports the recruitment and retention of top talent at firms of all sizes. Differing perspectives and ideas from the highest levels of leadership shape how women and others feel inspired in their own careers. And a welcoming workplace perpetuates employee buy-in and support of company initiatives.

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“If we haven’t made that [culture] an open door and a welcome place for us today, then our children and their children are unlikely to follow us in, and we will never get to turn that gender gap around.”

– Debby Clement, VP of Talent, EMEA

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“I’ve seen improvement on [women being allowed in the room] in the 20 plus years that I’ve been in the industry, but you know, it continues to be an issue and especially as I get more lonely in leadership… It’s a practice to allow yourself to occupy the space fully. Like, you’re allowed to be here. So just own it.”

– Libby McIlhany, SVP of Product

Current success paves the way for future growth

Statistics don’t lie, and the numbers show that women are still largely underrepresented across our industry. A report from the World Bank estimates that women account for less than a third of the total tech workforce. At Pax8 we’re committed to equitable hiring practices and career development to hire, retain, and develop historically underrepresented talent.

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Women of color are often even less represented in tech spaces than white women, but diversity in a workforce is hugely beneficial for individuals and the company. At Pax8, our Employee Resource Group (ERG) program provides spaces for employees of color and other groups to openly share experiences, resources, and support in the workplace.

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“Some of the challenges for women in tech, especially those of color and of unique ethnicities, I think, are not seeing others like us in the world that we work in, because it’s hard to imagine that opportunity is for you.”

– Marissa Guerrero, Director of Vendor Operations and Integrations

Every woman’s journey into tech is different

Every individual will have their own career journey based on their personal expectations and skillset. Many Pax8 employees did not envision careers in the industry, but have found opportunity and development through training, education, and supportive management.

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“I would say be open and flexible about opportunities that might come along the way that maybe challenge you or maybe were not in your original plan. My career has certainly zig-zagged along the way.”

– Lynn Leadley, CVP of Operations

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“The advice that I would give to women who have not considered tech is don’t sell yourself short because of fear or self-doubt. What do you have to lose? You’ve got this.”

– Jen Bodell, CVP of Channel

Women can find success, but more work needs to be done

Once someone has started their career in tech, the potential can seem limitless. The ability to shift roles and workloads may be abundant, but women are still not equitably landing those opportunities. Women have found success in creating space for each other through mentorship and representation. Companies like Pax8 need to follow that example and solidify true equity in hiring, retention, and career development to ensure that true success is not limited to a lucky few.

“I think the stats are low for females coming into tech, genuinely because of lack of opportunity. And I think there hasn’t been a lot of representation in the industry today. And so, because we’re already working on those challenges, I think you’ll see that snowball into the generations coming in…”

– Lyndsey Hoffman, VP of Social Impact

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“I’m a big believer in the statement that career isn’t a ladder; it’s a jungle gym. And I’ve lived my career quite successfully doing that. So, you know, get in there, explore, look for a passion, and then pull that red thread.”

– Caroline Goles, Chief Marketing Officer

Diversity is important all year, not just in March

The importance of supporting women in our industry goes far beyond a celebration of Women’s History Month. At Pax8 our employees are a crucial part of our success.

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