The secret to delivering effective cloud solutions is that there really is no secret. It requires a strategic approach to selecting the right cloud services, packaging them in an easy-to-sell stack, and successfully administering them long-term. MSPs that do all three well can maximize their cloud profitability and bringing more value to their customers. 


SkyKick ups the ante on M365 migrations by creating a solution that allows MSPs to complete projects faster and more efficiently — while also offering opportunities to tag on additional recurring-revenue. SkyKick helps MSPs bolster their bottom lines with advanced cloud services automation that spans three foundational competencies: 


• Migration to move clients to the cloud faster 

• Cloud Backup to protect client data  

• Cloud Manager to automate cloud administration of SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS from a single, powerful dashboard 


Let’s look at how MSPs can facilitate the cloud discussion, and ways SkyKick’s automation technology helps reduce costs and increase profitability while supporting more services and increasing their client base.  


Three steps to increase profitability, reduce costs, and delight clients 

Step 1: Lead with your base bundle   
When you create a strong base offering and lead with it in every sales meeting, you start the conversation from a position of confidence and expertise. This standardization helps streamline the sales approach, increase attach rate, and close more sales. It also makes everything more manageable for service and help desk teams to deploy, secure, and support. 


Step 2: Restrict or eliminate other offerings  

Leading with the base bundle and excluding alternatives shows why a managed service solution is most beneficial and illustrates the importance of the core value you bring to your client. Starting with the base bundle also avoids confusion and will make it easier to attach new, recurring services in the future. With fewer options, clients will be inclined to act decisively provided the upsell is positioned effectively.  


Step 3: Streamline cloud management and reduce operational costs
After onboarding, most clients have frequent support tickets, complaints, or issues they need to have resolved quickly. For many MSPs, only 54% of tickets are resolved on first contact and many take up to 3.5 days to resolve, which can quickly lower client satisfaction.  


When you empower your tier 1 support help desk team with automation that’s specifically built to handle administration across cloud services and customers, you can increase first contact ticket remediation by up to 75% or more. You can also avoid escalating tickets to your engineers, which will free them up to focus on more important projects that add value and grow your business. 


A three-pronged solution for cloud automation 

SkyKick’s Microsoft 365 (M365) migration, backup, and management automation bundle is a great way to grow recurring revenues and expand the reach for your MSP business. They are easy to sell, are low-cost to manage, provide business-critical solutions, help you deepen client relationships, and allow you to maximize the scope and profitability of your managed services offerings. 



Start with a smooth M365 migration  

Migration projects can be complex and time-consuming. With SkyKick Migration Suites, nearly the entire M365 migration is automated from pre-sales to project completion. Unlike other M365 migration tools that primarily focus on server-side data, SkyKick technology automates 90% of the manual effort and helps MSPs manage all the essential steps across the entire process. 


SkyKick Migration Suite requires minimal involvement from end users, provides a smooth transition with little disruption of regular business, and guarantees no data is lost or left behind. It allows you to deliver a simple, safe, and seamless move to the cloud for all your clients. 


Protect what matters across M365  

Many businesses don’t realize that M365 includes storage but doesn’t include true data backup. As a result, 58% of SMBs have no real backup planSkyKick Cloud Backup helps you solve this problem for all your clients by offering the most complete M365 data backup solution currently available.  


Learn why M365 needs a backup solution with the SkyKick ebook. 


Cloud Backup ensures your clients’ ongoing productivity by: 


• Protecting all their M365 data, including Exchange Online, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams 

• Providing unlimited data retention with no data caps, overages, or data pruning 

• Taking multiple snapshots throughout the day to ensure comprehensive backups 

• Keeping data completely in the Azure environment with all its inherent security and compliance capabilities 

• Offering multiple bulk and individual restore options including full data, granular data, and point-in-time restores  


Increase margins by 50% when you attach Cloud Backup to every M365 deal. 


Deliver ongoing dynamic support through automated cloud administration 

Instead of hopping between admin portals and PowerShell, SkyKick Cloud Manager empowers help desk technicians to easily administer hundreds of support tasks for M365 (and other SaaS applications) from a single, easy-to-use dashboard with pre-built, tested commands that communicate with M365 application APIs.


Your frontline help desk team can safely and securely run pre-authenticated automation through the Command Center. What’s more, engineers can easily create, save, manage, and share PowerShell workflow automation that extends across workloads. The result is a highly streamlined yet effective support process that delivers faster issue resolution and increases client satisfaction.

In addition to reducing service costs, a significant focus of Cloud Manager automation is to help MSPs maximize high-value, revenue-generating services like Microsoft Teams and cybersecurity. For example, you can apply automation to achieve standardization, facilitate regular monitoring of critical policies or settings across customers, and quickly remediate security gaps.  


Engage with the MSPs on the SkyKick Community  

SkyKick realizes that MSPs can also improve their level of support and service by understanding what works and doesn’t work for other MSPs. To facilitate this knowledge sharing approach, they’ve created the Cloud Manager community, which is an online forum where users can connect with one another, exchange best practices, and engage in conversations with SkyKick product experts. 


Delivering Results: SkyKick Automation in Action 

A Solution That Can Scale with Business | Epoch 

“With SkyKick’s Cloud Backup, we provide a reliable, consistent solution that benefits both our clients and our business. Because the price is fixed, with no data caps, and the solution is simple to use and manage at scale, it is easy for us to price and ensure our profitability.” 

  • Chris Riismandel, Owner, Epoch 

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Simplifying Management of Multiple Migrations | CCB Technology 

“By streamlining each migration project, enabling effective management of multiple migrations, and helping us save our clients money while remaining profitable, SkyKick has helped transform our migration practice from a backlog of projects to an efficient, growing business.” 

  • Logan McCoy, VP Services, CCB Technology 

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Accelerating Growth Through Automation | Ability Technologies 

“By leveraging SkyKick, we have grown our cloud business more quickly and efficiently with fewer people, and ultimately more successfully than we could have in the past with manual migrations or data-only tools.” 

  • Eric Kim, Ability Technologies 

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Opening Up New Opportunities | Sikich 

“For us, it’s been all about ‘How do we scale?’ With SkyKick, we can do migrations that we really couldn’t have done any other way. Because I don’t have to deploy resources to remote sites, I can sell, migrate, implement, and support Office 365 remotely with SkyKick. This has allowed us to have Office 365 clients in 30 states and 8 countries.” 

  • Ken Klika, Partner at Sikich 

Read their case study 


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