Rethinking where we’re going to – the new world of work

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“Going back is not really an option. So what we need to rethink is where we’re going to.” – Jane Mackarell, Microsoft Business Group Lead, Modern Work and Surface. Watch this special event on reengineering the employee experience.

How we work is never going back to the way it was. Organisations are facing a once-in-a-generation shift in working life, as the pandemic gave many employees a taste of freedom. Suddenly they had more autonomy over their schedule and working environment- plus they got back the time and alleviated the stress of commuting every day. And most are not willing to give up these benefits easily.

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While business leaders recognise that flexibility is now a given, the value of time together in the office also can’t be ignored.

But instead of asking “how do we get people back?”, leaders must completely redesign the way forward for both the in-person and remote experience. Part of this involves ending the “productivity paranoia” and measure what matters – achieving the goals that employees and managers set together, not how many hours they sit at a desk.

So – if the office is a tool and tech is a place, how can we reengineer the employee experience to support flexibility and better match the style of work to the location?

Join David Speers, host of the ABC Insiders, Tsedal Neeley, Author and Harvard Business School professor, Kirsty Harrison, Suncorp Executive Manager of People, Culture and Engagement Strategy and Jane Mackarell, Microsoft Business Group Lead, Modern Work and Surface as they discuss The New World of Work.

Learn key trends from the new Work Trend Index Pulse Report that every ANZ business leader needs to know, hear about organisations who are trailblazing with their flexible work approach and experience the new technology that will enable and shape the future of work.

If you’re scratching your head, wondering how to redesign your employee experience, this engaging one hour on-demand session with an Australia/New Zealand approach is well worth your time.

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