This article was written by Paul Jakobsen, Proofpoint Senior Manager, Essentials and Nikita Sharma, Proofpoint Senior Manager, Essentials GTM.


The number one threat vector for companies? Email. The 2021 State of the Phish Report from Proofpoint found that 57% of organizations experienced a successful phishing attack in 2020 – leading to loss of data, account or credential compromise, ransomware, malware, and/or financial loss.


And the hard truth is that SMB inboxes are just as at risk as those of larger companies, which is why they need (and deserve) enterprise-grade security with layered defense that includes security awareness training, as well as archiving for compliance. At the same time, MSPs are trying to streamline their tech stacks, simplify deployment, and achieve easier management across their client base.


How can MSPs provide a better class of email protection without making their stack more complex and difficult to manage?


Next-gen security from Proofpoint offers a single win-win solution for both SMB clients and MSPs. Here’s how.


Proofpoint email security Venn diagram


SMB Win: Best-in-Breed Email Protection

When looking for trusted, comprehensive email protection for your SMB clients, Proofpoint is best-in-class and deployed by over 75% of Fortune 100 companies. Their SMB-focused offerings bring the same level of enterprise-grade security, tailored to the needs (and budgets) of smaller organizations.


Detect and block threats at the inbox

Protect your clients from advanced email threats, fraud, and ransomware at entry through:


– Spam, virus, and zero-hour threat protection

– Robust click-time protection with URL sandboxing

– Artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML)-based detection engines

– Attachment defense sandboxing

– Policy-enforced encryption

– Outbound and content filtering

– Email data loss protection (DLP)

– Social media account protection


Email archiving

Cloud archiving features enable clients to easily backup and store email data for fast recovery and regulatory compliance.  Proofpoint allows clients to archive email securely for up to 10 years – freeing up server resources and storage. Additionally, granular search and discovery capabilities allow users and/or admins to quickly find what they are looking for based on specific criteria.



SMB Win: Defense in Depth

Proofpoint goes further than just email security with an all-in-one platform that provides a more holistic approach to security. Flexible packaging allows clients to go beyond inbox protection with built-in layers of security features in a single solution — reducing the overall number of solutions needed in their security stack.


Protect the weakest link with Security Awareness Training

More than 1 in 10 users click on a simulated phishing email during tests – and for tests that have an attachment, that number jumps to 1 in 5! To secure their organizations and prevent compromise, it’s crucial for SMBs to educate their workforce on how to identify malicious and suspicious emails.


Proofpoint’s Security Awareness Training helps turn end users from a vulnerability into a strong last line of defense through behavior-focused training that includes hands-on practice during interactive modules. Instead of relying on made-up simulations, Proofpoint uses real-world attacks as the basis for creating teachable moments during training,


MSP Win: Save Time

For busy MSPs, time is money. Proofpoint allows you to skip deployment inefficiencies and get your clients protected fast – with full protection in less than 30 minutes. You can effectively manage more clients through time-saving features, such as:


– Custom provisioning APIs: Provision new accounts any time you want, in under a minute. No waiting on the vendor and no waiting on quotes or order process delays.

– Onboarding templates: Templatize best practice settings and configurations to streamline the onboarding process.

– Multitenancy features: Manage all your clients in one place instead of jumping around with different logins.

– Simplified user management: Quickly import and manage users and easily monitor their usage.


MSP Win: Increase Revenue

Money talks. Not only does Proofpoint streamline security management, it also helps MSPs earn more by providing:


– Upsell opportunities: Upgrade existing clients between packages at any time, instantly adding additional features. Security Awareness Training is an easy add for existing email security clients or you can sell it stand-alone to acquire new clients.

– Out-of-the-box consumptive licensing model: You’ll only be billed for your active users, so you won’t leak money on unused licenses.

– Simplified security stack: Because Proofpoint covers so much in a single security solution (email security, encryption, archiving, security awareness training, and more), you’re able to reduce the number of solutions in your overall solution stack. This means fewer trainings required for your techs, and fewer techs needed to manage and support different solutions.


Want to Dive Deeper?

Channel experts Joe Sykora (SVP Global Channels, Proofpoint) and Ryan Walsh (COO, Pax8) teamed up for a webinar discussing how next-gen security solutions help you effectively manage more clients. You watch the replay of Time is Money: How Proofpoint Makes Cybersecurity Easy, Efficient, and Effective at the link below!





Pax8 vendor Proofpoint Paul Jakobsen headshotAbout Paul Jakobsen

Paul Jakobsen is Proofpoint’s Senior Manager, Essentials with 20 years of channel experience, having spent the past eight years at Proofpoint. Paul is responsible for managing the Proofpoint Essentials strategic Distributor and MSP partnerships in North America.



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Nikita Sharma is Proofpoint’s Senior Manager, Essentials GTM with ten years of experience in corporate strategy and growth. She is responsible for managing Essential’s go-to-market strategy and operations as the business rapidly scales.