For the last three months, the Pax8 team has been busy making the platform a better place for MSPs to shop for cloud products. We’ve improved the appearance and functionality of our cloud services Marketplace, boosted the performance of Pax8 Pro, and made international payments easier for our Canadian and European partners.


Pax8 Marketplace Updates:
We have redesigned the Catalog and Product Details pages to ease finding and learning about the products we offer. The new Catalog features the addition of filters to help narrow down search results and display product cost (rather than MSRP). The new beta Product Details page allows the ability for richer content such as videos, comparison charts, accompanying resources, and more


We know that pricing for products can get confusing when you’re trying to find either MSRP or partner cost. Or perhaps you’re not sure which price you’re looking at. To address these concerns, product cards were modified to accommodate longer product names and include both the price of the product (MSRP) and the partner’s cost.


Finally, we gave the Support Dashboard a new design. It has been updated to a classic Pax8 data table page with an advanced search component, allowing sort and filter fields to be added.


The Support Dashboard now offers users the ability to filter tickets by newest, oldest, and recently updated. Users can now use the Open Related Case button on a closed ticket to readdress an issue and mark a ticket as closed on an open, pending, or resolved support ticket.


Pax8 Pro Updates:

We updated the (Pro) License Consumption widget so that users can now update a single company’s license information directly from the License Consumption widget.


Performance Improvements to Pax8 Pro means that platform pages handling large batches of tenant’s data now return on a company’s Microsoft information tab without timing out and throwing an error. The GAP Analysis widget was updated to account for SMTP Legacy Auth instances reported in Microsoft Partner Center.


International Payment Updates:
Accounts denominated in Europe will now have the option to add and process payments through SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) in the Pax8 Platform. This is a direct debit payment method akin to ACH (U.S. accounts) with a few differences. Users are prompted to input the following information when adding SEPA to the Platform:

  • IBAN (International Bank Account Number)
  • Email (Stripe notifications are sent once the SEPA mandate is either confirmed or denied by the account’s issuing bank)


Well, that’s it for this quarter’s updates. We’re always here to help so if you have any questions, feel free to reach out. Or you can log into the platform to check out these updates and new features now.