Keeping track of multiple passwords can be difficult, but it’s an integral part of maintaining online security. When all your end users’ passwords are different for each account, the risk of a data breach impacting your client is greatly reduced, thus protecting you as an MSP.


Password hygiene is an essential step for digital and online security, and an intuitive password management solution that automatically generates and stores secure passwords. The average employee has 191 passwords for work accounts – and for optimum security it is recommended that each one is unique. Adding password management to your security stack not only saves time and simplifies logins. It also reduces the risk of data breaches; bolsters security by incorporating a multi-device authentication system; and cuts down on admin tasks.


Using a Password Manager System to Bolster Security

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) can be added to your password manager system as an extra layer of security. This asks users to submit additional verification when they log in, usually on a different device.


With MFA enabled, cyber attackers are less likely to gain access, even if they have the correct username and password. If they can’t verify the login attempt via the separate device, the attempt will be denied. If a user should leave their master password exposed, MFA can prevent their password vault from being accessed.


Moreover, a smart password management solution enables end users to automatically generate random, secure passwords for each account and store them in a vault. To gain access to the vault, the user only needs to know their master password – that’s one password to remember instead of 191.


Enhance Single Sign-On

Single sign-on (SSO) allows users to access multiple different apps or accounts via a single logon. It’s a great solution that frees up time from typing or retrieving multiple different passwords. When combined with a password management system, SSO provides the ultimate seamless login experience – fewer passwords, fewer login portals and less time setting up apps – secured by MFA.


Cut Down on Admin Tasks and Save Valuable Time

Managing passwords for all your clients, and all their end users, can be a challenge. If you’re still using spreadsheets, you’ll be delighted to know that the whole process can be made much easier with the right password management solution. This lets you view, manage and access end users’ passwords from a single portal.


Using a password manager also means fewer wasted IT hours resetting passwords. A password management system reduces the number of passwords that must be remembered by each employee, meaning fewer passwords reset tickets and more time for IT teams to spend on pressing problems.


Introducing LastPass

LastPass by LogMeIn is our recommended business password manager system that will enhance your security stack and those of your clients. This, in turn, helps to protect the modern workplace against cybercrime.


Designed specifically for MSPs and their clients, LastPass empowers employees to generate, store and share credentials seamlessly, and provides valuable insights.


This best-in-class tool simplifies the password experience at every level. In addition to its intuitive password management system, LastPass offers single sign-on for simplified access to 1,200+ pre-integrated applications and multi-factor authentication that secures the LastPass vault and single sign-on applications.