You just signed up to be a Pax8 partner (or maybe you’re still just thinking about it), but does the thought of moving your Microsoft business give you a headache?


Well, it turns out that migrating to Pax8 does not need to be a long, complicated process. Our team will make sure that all important business information, such as client information, billing, and licenses, gets transferred over to our platform accurately and quickly. We will also provide you with support, guidance, and education before, during, and after the move.


Moving Your Business Without Us

We know why you’re dragging your feet because here is what we imagine goes through your head:


Step 1: You dread that huge CSV or Excel sheet your distributor is going to send you. It contains all your clients’ information and now it is up to you to sort through it and organize it.


Step 2: You are procrastinating because you know you will need to spend hours manually moving client information over one line at a time.


Step 3: Once you have entered all the client information and are icing your wrists, you will have to build subscriptions and add licenses. There goes another few hours that you didn’t have to begin with.


Step 4: Finally, don’t forget about billing overlap. You will want to make sure to cancel and renew your licenses at the right time so you’re not overpaying. Miscalculate this date and you could lose hundreds of dollars.


Moving Your Business with Us

Forget all of that mess. Instead, let’s look at what moving with the help of your Pax8 sales representative looks like:


Step 1: Send your Pax8 representative the CSV or Excel sheet from your distributor.


Step 2: We take care of everything else, including making sure that you don’t double pay for licenses.


Step 3: You go out and grab a cup of coffee.


And that’s it. We complete the transition for you, so that you can spend time finding new clients, learning about other leading vendors in our platform, or giving attention to that project on the backburner.


More Than Just an Easy Move

After you’re all set up on the Pax8 Platform, there’s more that we can do to help support your business. Are you looking to move your clients to M365? Do you have specific questions about Azure pricing that no one seems to be able to help with? No idea where to start with Dynamics? Or maybe there’s a complicated, time-consuming, custom project you want to get done, but there isn’t enough time or staff members to complete it quickly? The Pax8 team has you covered for all these roadblocks and more.


Microsoft Bootcamps

If you need a crash course in Microsoft 365, Azure, or Dynamics, then you’ll want to register for one of our Bootcamps. These two-day courses are meant to provide you with in-depth information so you can easily adopt and sell Microsoft products to your clients. Pax8 Bootcamps provide you with insider’s knowledge so we can turn you into a Microsoft expert. All our Bootcamps cover:


The Pax8 + Microsoft partnership

How these solutions benefit your company

Use cases and technical tips

Any incentives and rebates that are available

Positioning and reselling these solutions

Solution-focused technical deep-dives


At Pax8, we believe in learning from those who’ve “been there and done that,” so every day ends with a Q&A panel where you get a chance to ask expert Microsoft Engineers and seasoned Pax8 partner MSPs any lingering question you may still have.


Solution Consultants

Sometimes, you just want to know more about a product. Take Azure for example — Microsoft’s cloud computing service. Azure provides software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and it supports a host of programming languages, third-party software, and systems.


This powerful tool is complicated and for any specific questions you have about Azure Automation (since you are looking to save time, right?), you can turn to a Pax8 Solution Consultant. These team members have a wealth of knowledge in their areas of expertise, whether it be security, productivity, or anything else you’d like to know more about.


Professional Services

For projects that are too big, too technical, and too time-consuming to do on your own, you can turn to Pax8 Professional Services. This white-labeled service is available for all active Pax8 Partners, with margin-friendly pricing.


Our team of experts will sit down with you to flesh out the details of what you are looking to accomplish. Whether it’s an on-premises move to the cloud for a client or teaching a hands-on technical training lab, we do the heavy lifting for you. Some of common projects we tackle include:


Migration services such as on-prem exchange to Office 365 or Microsoft 365, on-prem to Azure, G-suite to Office 365 or Microsoft 365.


Security strategy and enablement such as hardening Office 365, MaaS360 advisory and implementation, and Intune advisory and implementation.


Custom projects such as Azure consulting, data center services, networking services, security services, disaster recovery solutions, and IaaS deployment and migrations.


Let’s Do This!

So, there you have it. A move so simple it will save you time, because you are handing off all the information to our experts. And even once you are an active partner, we have the resources to help you grow your business, find new clients, and become more knowledgeable in the Microsoft products you’re trying to sell. What are you waiting for?