Move clients to AWS using an easy Windows migration cloud starter solution kit

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A substantial portion of Microsoft workloads are continuing to move to the cloud. In fact, IDC predicts that 48% of on-premises Microsoft workloads will migrate in the next two years. To capitalize on this opportunity, Pax8 and AWS have created an effortless way for managed service providers (MSPs) to migrate your clients’ Windows workloads to Amazon Web Services (AWS) with our new, easy-to-deploy Pax8 AWS Windows Migration Service Pack.

Why you should encourage your clients to migrate

Migrating your clients gives them an advantage by deploying their Microsoft workloads in a secure and trusted cloud environment. Small and medium-sized business (SMB) customers who have already embraced AWS are reaping the rewards — optimized costs, heightened performance and reliability, strengthened security capabilities, reduced total cost of ownership (TCO), and a seamless migration experience with expanded functionality.

As your customers’ trusted partner, you can guide them to:

Mitigate risk: With an estimated 34% of the market still relying on Windows Server 2012, position yourself as the strategic partner facilitating modernization and smooth migration for your customers.

Enhance efficiencies: Lead your clients in consolidating and optimizing workloads through the robust capabilities of AWS.

Foster growth: Recognize that the modernization of migrated workloads is not just a trend but a pivotal business driver for you and your partners.

Support for Windows Server 2012 ended in October 2023, which means Microsoft no longer provides security or other updates, bug fixes, or technical assistance of any kind. This places organizations that are still running these servers at risk. AWS partners can seize this opportunity by assisting customers to build a plan for the end of support. The modernization of migrated workloads is emerging as a significant growth driver for partners, emphasizing the potential for AWS in this evolving landscape.

Navigating cloud adoption: targeting SMBs and vertical markets in the migration landscape

According to a recent IDC report, 60% of U.S. SMBs plan to boost technology spending in the next 12 months. IDC’s Cloud Pulse survey in 2022 ranked cloud assessment, readiness, and enablement as the second-highest short-term investment priority.

SMBs, facing limited IT resources, struggle to optimize their applications and environments without expert guidance. Consider small nonprofits as they require a cloud strategy to maintain lower selling, general, and administrative expenses (SG&A), all while channeling funds to their mission. Even with IT resources, navigating cloud complexities, especially with extensive offerings from vendors like AWS, can be challenging. Nonprofits, including SMBs, benefit from an experienced IT partner for successful cloud migrations — a role you can fulfill with AWS.

The easy button: unlocking AWS for SMBs with our Service Pack

Service Packs from Pax8 redefine AWS implementations, streamlining cloud adoption and Windows migration for effortless replication and predictability. The AWS Windows Migration Service Pack follows an intuitive process and template designed to swiftly migrate on-premises Windows domains to the AWS cloud — within one hour, you will have all your production infrastructure setup, configured, and ready to go. This inaugural Service Pack by Pax8 is a cost-effective solution, deploying VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) Networking, on-premises-to-AWS VPN, Windows servers, network security groups, automated backups, alarms, a bundled health dashboard, and migration automation scripts.

Here’s what’s included in the Service Pack:

  • Cloud formation templates: Preconfigured cloud formation templates facilitate the swift execution and deployment of Windows migration.
  • Technical documentation: A comprehensive technical guide, architecture diagram, troubleshooting handbook, and instructional videos simplify the provisioning of Service Packs.
  • Pricing estimates: Gain insight into AWS estimated pricing, aiding in the assessment of approximate deployment costs for the Service Pack and subsequent AWS services launch.

Unlocking certainty: anticipated outcomes with the Pax8 AWS Windows Migration Service Pack

Our Windows Migration Service Pack eliminates uncertainties, expediting your time to market and minimizing risks associated with configuration and AWS service selection. Everything you need is seamlessly integrated into this starter solution kit. The standardized configuration not only ensures predictability in costs for your clients but also establishes a repeatable process for swift service delivery to all clients with Windows migration requirements.

Additionally, Pax8 offers upfront education on the Service Pack and continuous sales support, providing you with valuable resources every step of the way. Start exploring the Windows Migration Service Pack assets even before identifying potential customer opportunities:

  • Explore Pax8 Academy for concise video training and access the Windows Migration Service Pack download.
  • Visit Tech for Nonprofits to learn more about our nonprofit initiatives. Service Packs are tailor-made solutions, uniquely suited to empower nonprofits with seamless Windows migration and cloud adoption, ensuring optimized operations and resource allocation that supports a focus on mission-driven work.
  • Call your Pax8 ISC if you have questions, need support, or are ready to deploy
  • Take advantage of a $300 end-user ARRC credit from AWS for first-time buyers, which can be leveraged through the AWS ACE (APN Customer Engagements) deal registration process.

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