Microsoft year-end webinar recap

Microsoft Year-End Webinar

Watch the webinar recording and read the highlights.

As 2022 comes to a close, so does Microsoft’s H1. Our team of skilled Microsoft experts hosted a webinar to go over their key updates and deadlines, as well as what actions need to be taken as we near 2023. Watch the webinar and read the highlights below.

Looking Back at FY22

Before we look ahead to 2023, let’s take a look back at this past year. Thanks to our exceptional partners and dedicated employees across the globe, there were a lot of wins to celebrate.

Microsoft US Partner Awards: Our dedication to our partners and the SMB tech space was recognized with three Microsoft US Partner awards: Customer Service, Modern Workplace for SMB, and Indirect Provider of the Year.

New Commerce Experience: 68% of our partners have moved from Legacy to NCE.

Professional Services: Our Professional Services team served over 200 partners and moved more than 15,000 mailboxes to Microsoft 365/Exchange Online.

Global Expansion: We now provide Microsoft and the experience of our award-winning CSP Program to partners across 17 countries and counting.

Granular Delegated Admin Privileges (GDAP)

What are Granular Delegated Admin Privileges (GDAP)? They’re simply the evolution of Microsoft’s Delegated Admin Privileges (DAP). Being able to get more granular with admin privileges is critical to ensuring a secure tech ecosystem. Our experts discuss this topic in-depth, but here are a few highlights and dates.

Key features of GDAP include duration, supported roles, security groups, reporting, and termination.

January 3, 2023: GDAP will be available to all Pax8 partners, net-new tenants will default to GDAP, and the GDAP tool will be available in the Pax8 Marketplace.

January 17, 2023: Microsoft will transition to GDAP default permissions for any net-new tenants and will start removing any DAP relationships that haven’t been active for 90 days.

March 1, 2023: All DAP relationships must be converted to GDAP.

In the webinar, we break down timelines and discuss how GDAP will work with Pax8. We also review the tools and integrations we’ll provide in the Pax8 Marketplace to make the transition to GDAP as seamless as possible.

Microsoft Cloud Partner Program (MCPP) Incentives and Rebates

With confusion around different requirements and options, many Microsoft benefits aren’t being used. To make it easier for partners to take advantage of their benefits, Microsoft is doing away with competencies and replacing them with Solutions Partner Designations.

There are six Solution Partner Designations, including Infrastructure, Data and AI, Digital and App Innovation, Modern Work, Security, and Business Applications.

In the webinar, we give a full rundown of all the different designations, dates and deadlines, and the potential CSP Indirect Reseller incentives and Microsoft Commerce incentives. What about marketing funds? We cover that too.

Moving from Legacy to NCE

NCE fatigue is real, and we know everyone is probably tired of hearing about it. However, there are some major deadlines approaching that require immediate action. On December 31, 2022, Microsoft will end the CSP Legacy incentives program, which means that if you want to continue receiving Microsoft incentives, you must move your Legacy licenses to NCE and enroll in the Microsoft Commercial Incentives (MCI) program.

The good news is that you can make the move directly in the Pax8 Marketplace. In the webinar, we share video walkthroughs for moving to NCE. The videos show how to migrate Legacy licensing to NCE and how to start new billing and commitment terms by provisioning new NCE licenses and canceling Legacy licensing.

Prepare Your Microsoft Business for Success in 2023

Whether you’re ready to make the move or still have a few questions, reach out to your channel account manager or schedule a call with one of our Microsoft pros to get your business set up for success in the new year.

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