How would you rate the efficiency of your business operations? Chances are, just as with any business, there are some areas where you can shave off some time and save money in the process. One of the biggest causes of operational inefficiencies is a lack of unified visibility. Your employees waste so much time bouncing across multiple client systems and environments to do even some of the most basic tasks. Liongard solves this by bringing everything into one view — without compromising security, service delivery, or employee productivity. Let’s explore how Liongard is helping businesses grow and optimize the way they operate.


The Three S’s of Operational Efficiency

There are three key components to achieving operational efficiency: Standardization, Security, and Scalability.


Standardization: By leveraging Liongard to standardize processes, you can make certain tasks quick and easy, saving your team time and allowing them to keep critical client issues at the top of the to-do list.


Security: By bringing everything into one platform, you don’t have to worry so much about missing erroneous changes to end user privileges or threat alerts, enabling your team to rapidly resolve issues and close tickets.


Scalability: By using the standardization and security capabilities within the unified Liongard platform, you’re able to rapidly scale your operations and ensure that new employees can hit the ground running with historical data and automatic documentation.


Unlocking the Potential of People and Processes

There are two sides to the business operations coin — People and Processes. Liongard helps create efficiencies for both.


Efficiency for Your People

Owners: Do more with your team and boost profit margins, without growing your talent pool. Use advanced automation and proactive alerts to deliver on your promises to clients.


Sales: Demonstrate immediate value by identifying duplicate or unnecessary expenses within a prospect’s systems.


Service Desk: Proactively identify and resolve changes through automated alerts to avoid client downtime.


NOC & SOC Engineers: Worry less and work more efficiently by setting up alerts to monitor misconfigurations. Stay on top of security and compliance issues by pulling audit reports and assess changes in minutes.


Everyone: Streamline your workday to reduce frustrations and make your job more enjoyable and productive.


Efficiency for Your Processes

Onboarding: Complete your onboarding checklist in minutes, not months.


Billing: Unlock data, so your team can conduct accurate audits, health checks, billing reviews, and more.


Sales Assessment: Gain deeper visibility to accurately identify and scope project work.


Service Desk: Travel back in time to pinpoint where and when changes were made.


Security: Assess users, assets, and changes across the stack.


Fostering a Community of Collaboration & Connectivity

In the modern world of business, communication and collaboration have become more crucial than ever, which is why Liongard works hard to listen to partners and provide them with the tools they need.


Liongard Ideas Portal is an open forum community where partners can share and upvote ideas for changes to products, new products, new integrations, and more. The Liongard product team is actively reading the ideas and work to implement them when and where needed.


Liongard Integrations are seamless, bringing all your MSP systems together into one platform to give you the unified visibility needed to achieve greater operational efficiency. With nearly 100 integrations, and an ever-expanding catalog, Liongard currently integrates with some familiar names, like Microsoft, Autotask, Bitdefender, Syncro, Datto, SentinelOne, and so many more.


These Numbers Aren’t Lyin’ — They’re Lion(gard)

50% reduction in onboarding time

Liongard allows this technology company to assess prospects and onboard new clients in half the time, and it reduces the time they spend digging for answers to random requests.


“I have no doubt [Liongard’s] saving each of my engineers an hour to an hour and a half per day.” — Glenn Porter, President, 5th Gear Technology Concepts. Read their case study.


30 – 60 minutes saved per incident

Leveraging Liongard’s full visibility, automated documentation, and actionable alerts, MSPs are able to work quickly resolve an issue — not waste time simply trying to discover it.


“It’s peace of mind. If something critical breaks, we can jump exactly to when and how it broke and fix it right away instead of having to take downtime to figure out why it broke in the first place. This saves us 30 minutes to an hour for each incident.” — Connor Mong, NOC Manager at machineLOGIC. Read their case study.


$13,000/month relationship saved

Using Liongard’s Change Audit functionality, this healthcare client was able to essentially go back in time to see when something occurred — this is especially vital in industries that require strict compliance.


“Visibility is essential to the conversation with our customers. It changes the conversation from ‘Why are we paying you?’ to ‘Thank God we are paying you!’” — Ian Richardson, Founder & CEO, Doberman Technologies. Read their case study.


$75,000 saved per year

Eliminate the cost of manual effort. Free up your engineers so they can be engineers, scale your MSP, and improve client satisfaction.


“I don’t even know how many man-hours we’re saving each week [using Liongard], but it’s a fairly large sum, I would wager. We would have had to add more bodies to do the same tasks that Liongard automation does for us.” — Bill Knox, IT Consultant, ES Consulting. Read their case study.


There’s More Liongard to Love Coming Soon

Liongard is committed to helping MSPs 10x their businesses by providing unparalleled, unified visibility into the systems and clients that MSPs manage. Partners love the impact Liongard has made on their MSPs, but they told us they want even more. So, we listened and got to work.


Coming soon, we’re expanding unified visibility to deliver more insights than ever! Stay tuned for more information.



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