With cyberattacks increasingly focused on small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs), security remains a major challenge for businesses today. In the past year, ransomware attacks have increased by 300% — and SMBs comprise between 50-75% of victims. Additionally, as security threats become more automated, indiscriminate, and sophisticated, businesses are faced with a higher rate of successful attacks.



To address this concern, Microsoft is purposefully investing in security solutions geared toward SMBs with the introduction of tools such as Defender for Business. With general availability expected in Microsoft’s Q4, Microsoft Defender for Business is a new standalone security solution designed to provide easy-to-use enterprise-grade endpoint security for businesses with up to 300 employees.


Pax8 provides your first look at this exciting, cost-effective offering meant to empower SMBs to take control of their business’ security posture.



Defender for Business At-a-Glance

Client Size

< 300 Seats

> 300 Seats

Endpoint Capabilities

Microsoft Defender for Business (included with M365BP, currently in preview)

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Plan 1 (included with M365E3, currently in preview) 

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Plan 2 (included with M365E5)

Centralized Management

Simplified Client Configuration

Threat and Vulnerability Management

Attack Surface Reduction

Next-Gen Protection

Endpoint Detection and Response

Automated Investigation and Response

Threat Hunting and 6-months Data Retention

Threat Analytics

Cross-platform support for Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android

Microsoft Threat Experts

Partner APIs for Exporting to SIEM

Microsoft 365 Lighthouse for Partners for Viewing Security Incidents Across Customers


Why Choose Defender for Business?


Elevated Security for Your Clients

Traditional anti-virus simply isn’t enough protection against today’s sophisticated cyberthreats. As an endpoint security solution, Defender for Business helps SMBs elevate their overall security posture beyond the capabilities of traditional anti-virus.



Defender for Business provides SMBs with an easy-to-use package that gives them enterprise-grade protection through technologies such as next-generation protection, endpoint detection & response, threat & vulnerability management, and automated investigation & remediation — all at an SMB-friendly price point.



Enterprise-Grade Protection

Security for all devices, with next-gen protection, endpoint detection & response, and threat & vulnerability management.


Easy to Use

Streamline onboarding with wizard-driven set up and recommended security policies activated out-of-the-box to quickly secure devices.



Endpoint security that keeps organizations productive and works with their IT without compromising budget.



Benefits for MSPs

In addition to the features and capabilities clients receive, there are also benefits for partners who choose to offer Defender for Business:



Reduce risk: AI-powered automation assists in increasing the security posture for your clients and their devices to quickly protect, detect, and respond to cyberthreats.



Manage your clients with ease: Standardize with one solution across client devices, no matter which operating system they use. Combined with Microsoft 365 Lighthouse, you will be able to view security incidents across your clients.



Grow revenue and reduce operational costs: Build higher-margin, standardized endpoint security services while reducing operational costs with a simplified security solution.



Upselling to the Broader Microsoft Portfolio

Because security is top-of-mind for SMBs, Defender for Business is an excellent entry point for new clients who are interested in the Microsoft ecosystem. Once a client has gained interest in Defender for Business, it becomes easier to upsell to the broader Microsoft portfolio with other SMB offerings like Microsoft 365 Business Premium.



While Defender for Business can be sold as a standalone solution, the best part is that it will also be included in Microsoft 365 Business Premium! With the introduction of Defender for Business, Microsoft 365 Business Premium will offer a comprehensive suite of solutions for SMB needs that provides:



Access to productivity solutions such as Office and Teams

Enterprise-grade security for endpoint/device protection with Defender for Business

Email and collaboration protection against phishing with Defender for Office 365

Device management with Intune

Identity protection and remote access with Azure Active Directory

Data protection with Azure Information Protection & DLP



This only covers a fraction of the tools available when upgrading to Microsoft 365 Business Premium – providing great value in an easy-to-use package that comes without the additional costs of going for individual solutions.



Get Started with Defender for Business

Microsoft Defender for Business is now available to users with Microsoft 365 Business Premium. Defender for Business as a standalone solution is expected to be available in Microsoft’s Q4, but partners can continue to sign up for the preview. Preview trials for Defender for Business will last 90 days from activation, after which, clients and partners will need to purchase licenses.



Learning more about Defender for Business or the details of the preview is as easy as reaching out to your Pax8 rep for a one-on-one conversation today!