The importance of brand identification in a new era of creativity

Harald Nuij, Pax8 EMEA Chief Executive Officer
Pax8 and Adobe

Why MSPs should take advantage of creative solutions.

Businesses are constantly pushing themselves to innovate and enter new markets, which results in an increasingly competitive landscape across all industries. That’s why it’s never been more important to find a way to stand out from the crowd. At Pax8, we’ve introduced Adobe solutions to our marketplace to cater to a new era of creative possibility.

With an ECEA study reporting that the Culture and Creative industries are growing faster (+2.6% per year) than the European average (+2%) and are two of Europe’s leading job providers, there is a huge opportunity for the MSP community to capitalise on the growth of this sector.

To get ahead in today’s business environment — and stay there — organisations in the SMB (small- and medium-sized businesses) market must continue to provide a first-class service whilst increasing brand awareness simultaneously. They need to have an impact on their customer which is long-lasting to guarantee their own long-term growth and the research shows this.

Leveraging marketing during economic uncertainty

As global inflation rates remain high, new pressures are placed on businesses. Whilst some could be tempted to reduce their marketing budgets to remain financially stable and reduce costs, this may not be the best option for securing long-term growth. According to an ICAEW study, businesses who invest and maintain their marketing efforts during an economic downturn have 3.5 times more brand visibility than those who don’t. An organisation’s marketing truly helps them stand out from the competition, providing them with that recognisability, brand presence, and originality.

Driving brand identity

Shaping a strong brand identity enables businesses to guarantee uniqueness and stand out to both existing and potential customers. Increased brand awareness, customer loyalty, and credibility are only a few of the benefits that organisations can unlock by utilising the full potential of their creative teams. Through the introduction of Adobe to our Marketplace, our partners’ end-users will have access to digital media solutions such as Adobe Illustrator, enabling them to create logos, web graphics, and more with ease. We are enabling SMBs across Europe with the ability to create illustrations with precision and control, while adding new dimensions and depth to their work. By tapping into the creative elements which we now offer at Pax8 in Europe, our partners can work with their customers to drive their brand identity to new heights.

We also offer Adobe Substance 3D as a solution, allowing users to seamlessly create and design in 3D, with the ability to add texture to 3D models, add assets such as light and cameras, and integrate photos into the software. This creative solution will drive enhanced creativity and the possibilities are truly endless. With this new way of working, end-users will be able to operate efficiently as well as complete creative tasks quicker and to a higher standard.

A creative future for growth

With many organisations choosing to reduce their marketing budgets in times of economic uncertainty, we believe introducing Adobe to our vendor line card has come at the perfect time. SMBs who capitalise on increased market size by driving their brand exposure will increase their odds of long-term growth for their clients’ businesses, and most crucially, their own.

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