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Tom Welton, Pax8 Solution Engineering Manager

Advanced Security and Advanced Email Security will protect your clients against cybercrime.

The rapid increase in the number of employees working remotely due to the pandemic is a key driver of IT complexity and greater cybersecurity vulnerability and, as a result, businesses have seen a 300% spike in cybercrime.

In this heightened threat landscape, more than 57% of cyberattacks are missed by traditional antivirus solutions and 69% of businesses spend more time managing tools than defending against  threats. As an MSP, you’re the first line of defence for modern businesses looking to protect their organisation against cybercrime.

Minimise risk with AI-powered Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud – a single solution that integrates cybersecurity, data protection and security management, enhanced with Advanced Security’s full-stack anti-malware capabilities. Next generation Acronis solutions enable MSPs to build superior cyber protection services, while cutting operating costs and boosting recurring revenue. With one solution, you can modernise your data protection and cybersecurity offering with the unmatched cyber protection services your clients need.

Don’t Fall into the Trap of Paying Cybercriminals

Acronis solutions can also protect against ransomware attacks. As cybercrime has become more sophisticated, an increasing number of UK businesses are experiencing phishing attacks that can result in demands for payment to recover critical data. It’s already been proven that businesses in the UK the most likely to pay cyber-criminals. Protect your clients’ businesses with the advanced endpoint protection with Acronis.

Acronis Advanced Security

The Advanced Security add-on extends the endpoint protection capabilities of Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, so you can lower the risks to your clients with enhanced anti-malware protection and remediation services.

With Acronis Advanced Security, you replace inefficient, legacy anti-virus products with fully integrated and automated cyber protection that is simple to deploy, configure, and manage. The software will also help you improve detection rates and speed to catch more threats with exploit prevention, URL filtering, automatic anti-malware scans for backed-up data, and an enhanced virus signature database.

Managing a single, integrated solution will enable you to expand your security services, quickly and easily improve efficiency and reduce manpower involvement, enabling more efficient, faster, and less costly remediation.

Fast Forensic Insights

Acronis Advanced Security gives you access to forensic insights to conduct thorough post-incident investigations and proper remediation. This helps keep costs down by collecting digital evidence and storing it in a secure central repository. Additionally, this minimises the risk of future web-based attacks and exploits, protecting you and your clients.

Acronis Advanced Email Security

Security pros consider email one of their top five cybersecurity priorities, but you can protect the riskiest communication channel with unmatched detection technologies from Acronis.

Acronis Advanced Email Security is a unique solution that combines CPU-level technology, signature-based detection, URL reputation checks, unique image-recognition algorithms, and machine learning with DMARC record checks. This next-generation cloud-based technology enables you to intercept any email-borne attack – such as spam, phishing, business email compromise (BEC), malware, advanced persistent threats (APTs) and zero-days – within seconds.

Advanced Email Security is a single solution that ingrates cloud-based email security with backup, recovery, next-generation anti-malware and cyber protection management. Acronis’ data backup software enables you to easily scan clients’ machines to identify unprotected files, applications and workloads to proactively protect their data. This means you can offer more thorough cyber protection without increasing your costs and resources.

The software also boasts a smart reporting function – with easily accessible and manageable datasets as well as weekly, monthly, and ad-hoc reports – so you can clearly demonstrate the value of Advanced Email Security to your clients.

Help Your Clients Meet Regulations

The sophisticated solutions provided by Acronis will also help your clients meet compliance and regulatory requirements by ensuring that all their workloads are protected – from data and applications to systems.

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