2 important ways MSPs benefit from implementing Veeam and AWS

Stephen Slattery, Pax8 Director of Infrastructure Solutions (Sales)
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Back up data offsite with these solutions.

At Pax8, we work with many MSPs serving the SMB space, so we’ve seen a variety of challenges facing service providers. It takes a lot to surprise us, but one trend we’ve seen is the low adoption of offsite data backup among the partner community.

This is often referred to as hybrid cloud backup. SaaS data hosted in the Microsoft Modern Workplace (Office/365) suite of services and on-premise data, such as server operating systems and file/folder level data, are a few examples of data that require a continuity solution as a best practice.

Microsoft’s 2022 Digital Defense Report states that 44% of organizations affected by ransomware in the past year did not have immutable backups for their compromised systems. A key solution that can drive MSP success in this area is utilizing Veeam to back up data onto AWS cloud infrastructure. We’d like to highlight two specific use cases that make adopting a Veeam-AWS backup solution a must for MSPs to successfully grow their business, increase efficiencies, and reduce risk.

1. Why back up Microsoft Office 365?

  • In the event that Microsoft services are unavailable, Microsoft recommends using a third-party backup solution.
  • It fulfills compliance requirements, including legal, government, and healthcare.
  • In the event of a ransomware attack or a MSFT service outage, it’s a good idea to have your data backed up.
  • The new Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 v7 now brings immutable backup copies and cross product integrations.

2. Why back up on-premise server data to the cloud (called hybrid cloud backup)?

  • To implement a disaster recovery strategy: If the on-premise infrastructure or data is compromised, AWS can be used as a disaster recovery site with backed up data.
  • To increase security: Data is backed up offsite at AWS to help avoid malicious intent and ransomware lockdowns.
  • To gain efficiencies: Use supported operating system backups to restore or burst into the cloud as needed.

An entry point into Veeam and AWS technologies

If you’re already using Veeam or AWS, then you’re a step ahead. We’ve found that several partners may not have experience in either solution and don’t know where to start when purchasing, provisioning, managing, and delivering them. Using Veeam Backup and Replication for AWS provides a straightforward, industry-leading entry point.

Pax8 has continuity solution consultants who can answer technical questions about Veeam as well as assist with pricing options. There’s a plethora of backup solutions to choose from, but Veeam is highly customizable and works seamlessly with cloud and on-premise infrastructure. Veeam Backup and Replication is also easy to use; anyone can set up backup jobs with a few simple clicks. The fast recovery capabilities are also crucial for a strong disaster recovery plan because they allow for an excellent RTO without the need for large investments. One of the best places to store these backups is S3 from AWS.

Millions of customers are already using AWS cloud solutions to build and host line-of-business applications with increased flexibility, scalability, security, and reliability. If you’re interested in AWS solutions, Pax8 has infrastructure consultants who can help facilitate a Veeam + AWS partnership with ease. This is your chance to get an AWS account (Identity), to host an EC2 (Compute) and S3 (Storage), and to get your feet wet with AWS.

Standardizing your tech stack

We’ve seen MSPs find great efficiencies when standardizing a tech stack around ordering, provisioning, managing, and billing. You can also reduce your support ticket resolution times, allowing more tenured staff to focus on other priorities. And you can be sure Veeam and AWS will stay on the cutting edge of technology with great new features rolling out, such as VMware cloud, object lock, and many more.

How Pax8 does it better

Pax8 is your partner to help you navigate and connect this all together. We pride ourselves in meeting you where you’re at in your technology adoption journey. Whether you’re new to all this technology or already a Veeam or AWS user, we can help with pre-sales to develop your practice. When you adopt these solutions, not only are you serving your customers and staying relevant in an ever-competitive field, but you also gain experience and efficiencies, and are more likely to unlock new lines of revenue.

To learn more, join us for a live webcast on April 19, 2023, hosted by Veeam and Pax8. It will provide an overview of this solution and why Pax8, Veeam, and AWS are the data backup solution of choice for your clients.

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