Zwolle office opening

Harald Nuij, Pax8 EMEA Chief Executive Officer

We are really proud to be opening our new Zwolle office here at Pax8.

This is a great sign of our strength in Europe, making a big investment into our office, which will support our continued growth across the region.

It has been an incredible journey for Pax8 up to this point. In the last few years alone, we have hit some amazing milestones – from investments and acquisitions to developing really strong partnerships with some fantastic businesses – and we’ve also won a number of awards along the way. Yet, perhaps most importantly, we have managed to maintain an incredible culture within the business while continuing to expand the Pax8 family. We are now in 8 offices across Europe, speaking in 23 languages with close to 300 employees across the EMEA region, serving more than 3000 partners.

What I love about this new office is that it gives us the opportunity to entice staff into the office, rather than drive them in. We want all of our colleagues to be their authentic selves and we are dedicated to helping them thrive in their Pax8 careers as much as possible. However, we recognise that in order for that to happen, we have to revolutionise the typical office space. So that’s what we’ve done in Zwolle.

We’ve added a range of meeting rooms that cater to remote or in-person meetings. We have also invested in wellness spaces: breakout areas, prayer rooms and mental health coaching. We want this office to be a space where people can do their best work and we’re creating a space where they’ll feel rewarded for that.

Another important reason for our Zwolle office opening, is that it brings us closer to our partners. For the past 2 years, Pax8 – along with a number of other businesses worldwide – has been physically distanced from our partners. This office opening brings us closer once again. We have always prided ourselves on our close relationships with partners and vendors, and the Zwolle office can become a hub for face-to-face meetings where collaboration and creativity will flow.

Finally, I want to thank John Street, our amazing founder, for visiting our new office on such a landmark occasion for the EMEA business. His vision and leadership has grown this company into the organisation that it is today, and we are extremely grateful for his guidance.

We can now look forward to the opening of our new Bristol office in the UK, which launches on 27th October. I will be in attendance on the day, and I can’t wait to see you all as we celebrate yet another step forward for Pax8 EMEA.