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Microsoft Project Online Professional provides project management in the cloud through a desktop client and web browser. With the Getting Starting screen, users can quickly learn about new features, and pre-built Project templates make sure they get started on the right track.

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Training Video - Activate Office 365 with Symantec Email Protection

This 5-minute training video shows you how to activate your service when you have ordered both a Symantec product with Office 365. You'll understand the steps to take to direct your mail to Symantec for filtering and how to route your filtered mail to your Office 365 account.

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Training Video - Download Microsoft Customer List

This 3-minute training video shows you how to download all of your Customers Office 365 subscriptions from your Microsoft Partner account. This will help you re-create your existing customers Office 365 subscriptions with Pax8 or use the information to create quotes for your customers using the Pax8 Command Console Power Quotes feature.

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Locate your O365 Default Domain - Quick Reference Guide

This quick reference training guide shows you how to identify the Domain to input in the Pax8 Command Console when submitting an O365 order, how to locate your default domain in your existing O365 Admin portal and which portion of the domain to provide to in the O365 order in the Pax8 Command Console

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Office 365 Welcome Kit - Video List

This document contains links to Office 365 videos developed and posted by Microsoft

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Perform O365 Transfer of Service Quick Reference guide

This quick reference guide identifies the steps to order O365 for a customer that has an existing O365 subscription from another distributor or partner. Also referred to as a Change of Channel, or subscription transfer.

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Training Video - Perform O365 Installation

This 6-minute training video shows you how easy it is to perform an Office 365 installation. Details include the steps performed by the Administrator and the installation steps, which can be performed by either the administrator or end user.

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Locating Microsoft Tenant ID

Instructions on how to locate a Microsoft Tenant ID.

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Microsoft Project Online Package Comparison

An online comparison of Microsoft Project packages.

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Microsoft color logo

Microsoft Logo

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Microsoft Project Online TechNet Admin Guide

Online resources for supporting Microsoft Project Online

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