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Pax8 Adds Cloud Solutions from StorageCraft to Suite

April 25, 2019

**DENVER, CO** (April 25, 2019) – [Pax8](, the leader in cloud distribution, today announced a new partnership with [StorageCraft](®, whose mission is to protect all data and ensure its constant availability, to deliver ShadowProtect, File Backup and Recovery (FBR), Cloud Backup for Office 365 and G-Suite, and Cloud Services to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) in North America. “We understand the challenges and complexities MSPs face when protecting their clients’ data and preventing downtime,” said Ryan Walsh, Chief Channel Officer at Pax8. “StorageCraft’s unmatched business continuity and disaster recovery solutions for businesses address massive data growth and prevent data loss from human error, cybersecurity attacks, and natural disasters. The addition of StorageCraft to Pax8 gives MSPs a choice when building their clients’ technology stacks so they can focus on growth and innovation.” Malware and bots, phishing, and DDoS attacks are some of the top threats companies face, and cost businesses an average estimated cost of $1.1 million, according to Radware. Pax8 helps channel partners prevent disaster or malicious attacks by enabling them to build robust technology stacks with industry-leading vendors such as StorageCraft. With StorageCraft’s suite of solutions, MSPs can fully protect and easily access their clients’ data, even during planned or unplanned network outages. “We are excited to partner with Pax8, engage with their MSP partner community, and provide access to our award-winning cloud backup solutions,” said Shridar Subramanian, vice president marketing and product management at StorageCraft. “With Pax8 and StorageCraft, MSPs will have access to channel-centric solutions to ensure optimization, data protection and containment, configuration, and end-to-end support. This opens up a massive addressable market for channel partners and drives customer acquisition.” With its set of unique solutions, StorageCraft has eliminated the challenges of cost, complexity, scale, and vulnerability by integrating the entire storage and data protection stack into a single infrastructure. StorageCraft solutions are simple and affordable to deploy and manage and infinitely scalable. By offering solution providers a differentiated set of solutions, that span across the entire business continuity category, StorageCraft is empowering MSPs to standardize on one technology provider. To learn more about Pax8, please contact the cloud solutions advisors at (855) 884-PAX8, email, or visit []( **About Pax8** Pax8 is the leader in cloud distribution. As a born-in-the-cloud company, Pax8 empowers managed service providers (MSPs) to achieve more with cloud technology. Through billing, provisioning, automation, industry-leading PSA integrations, and pre and post-sales support, Pax8 simplifies cloud buying, improves operational efficiency, and lowers client acquisition cost. Pax8 is a proven, award-winning disruptor in the market, earning accolades like NexGen’s Best in Show, Best Places to Work in IT by ComputerWorld, Biggest Buzz at IT Nation, CRN’s Coolest Cloud Vendor, Best in Show at XChange, HTG’s Best Partner Program, and more. If you want to be successful with cloud, you want to work with Pax8. Get started today at []( Media Contact: Amanda Lee, [ARL Strategic Communications ](
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