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Why MSPs Are Moving to Pax8 to Avoid $15,000 Microsoft CSP Program Fees

June 13, 2018

Scrambling to avoid new Microsoft CSP Program support fees of $15,000 to $50,000? You're not alone, many managed service providers (MSPs) like you are trying to find a workaround before the August 31, 2018 deadline hits. Because of the more rigorous requirements and mandatory support package purchase, thousands of MSPs are opting to migrate away from a direct relationship with Microsoft to an indirect distribution partnership that allows them to avoid five-figure support fees. **Discover the Pax8 Difference** Look no further than Pax8 for all your Microsoft cloud needs. We're winning for empowering a better experience for MSPs selling cloud services. From 24/7 pre-sales and post-sales support to curated cloud solutions, and a complete quote-to-cash management portal, Pax8 provides the resources MSPs need to achieve more with cloud. **Your Wingman in the Skies ** Some distributors make you do most of the work needed to build a successful cloud practice. At Pax8, our mission is to make it as easy as possible for you to become cloud service providers. We achieve this by building best-in-class tools and platforms that make delivering and managing cloud services a breeze. **Next-Level Microsoft Cloud Services Support** Avoid paying support fees by switching to Pax8 for all your Microsoft Office 365 and Azure needs by August 31, 2018. We do all the heavy lifting so you can fulfill Microsoft's Gold-level standard of support while receiving healthy margins. Pax8 goes above and beyond for MSPs. In fact, on June 12th, Pax8 and Microsoft hosted a live Q&A about the upcoming changes and how you can take advantage of the Pax8 CSP program. [Watch it now]( **Azure Boot Camp ** To drive your success in the cloud, Pax8 is partnering with Microsoft to deliver Microsoft Azure boot camps throughout the United States. Find out if you're qualified to attend a boot camp by contacting your Cloud Solutions Advisor (CSA). **Pax8 makes selling Azure easy:** * Extending on-premise Active Directory to Azure Active Directory * Identity management to enable MFA & SSO * Migrating existing or new services to Azure * Leveraging Azure for Disaster Recovery and Backup * Hardening Azure with the Azure Security Center * Access to Pax8 Infrastructure Architects to help design your Azure environment For more ways Pax8 makes selling Azure easy, read the Pax8 + Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program [eBook]( now. Post-Sales Support Most distributors drop the ball as soon as the sale made. That's not the case with Pax8. We offer a full suite of professional services to help you keep your customers happy long after the initial transaction. To learn more about our professional services, email **Don't Miss the Deadline** Remember, come August 31, 2018 all direct CSP Program members will be required to meet these new requirements and pay for an annual support program that will cost $15,000 or more. You can avoid all this hassle by simply becoming a Pax8 partner. [Join now](!
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