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Protect Your Customers Against Costly Data Breaches

October 11, 2018

Even [Google]( isn’t impervious to data breaches. Cybercrime is growing. In fact, a [report]( revealed that the cost of cybercrime damages could rise to $6 trillion annually by 2021. Even more concerning, the average size of data breaches is [rising]( by 24,000+ records per incident. Security needs to be a priority. With so many opportunities for cyberattacks, security needs to be baked in to every managed services package you provide rather than being offered as an add-on or standalone solution. Even with cloud security solutions in place, no organization is truly 100% secure. However, you can certainly take steps to protect your clients against common and emerging threats—like updating outdated systems. To minimize data breaches: 1. Deliver Best-of-Breed Security Solutions Let’s face it, when it comes to security solutions, you have options. Evaluating and determining which are ideal for your clients and service packages, on the other hand, can take a small army. And traditional distributors don’t do a great job of pairing down solutions for you, opting instead to deliver an overwhelming smorgasbord of options without much guidance. Instead of sifting through hundreds of options, go straight to the security solutions that deliver: * Comprehensive coverage * High customer satisfaction * Ease of use / integration with complementary solutions * A 5-star service delivery experience At Pax8, you’ll find a [vetted list of security solutions]( Every item on our line card has been tested, evaluated, and approved by our cloud solution architects, so you can be sure you’re getting truly effective, user friendly, and profitable solutions. Best of all? These solutions are easy to deliver via Pax8’s Command Console quote-to-cash platform that reduces provisioning time down to just minutes. 2. Outline Expectations to New Clients – Update / Patch / Replace When it comes to security, you need to put your foot down. Don’t take on clients that aren’t willing to meet minimum security standards. If it’s not already within your service agreement, consider adding a section about security requirements and expectations regarding updates, patching, and replacement. Best practice is to keep security versions as current as possible. 3. Fill in Security Gaps for Existing Clients Wish there was a way to see security gaps within a clients’ existing solution set? [Pax8 Stax](™ is designed to do just that. Freeing you from manual discovery processes, this business intelligence tool shows you security gaps in your existing customers’ technology stacks, so you can cross-sell and up-sell them into a better security posture. **Become a Partner** If you’re not yet a Pax8 partner, you don’t have access to all the business-building tools and resources listed above. Don’t miss out on these and other free resources available exclusively to Pax8 partners. [Become a Pax8 partner today](
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