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Pax8 Turns Disruption into Award-Winning Success

November 15, 2018

Being named the best in your field is quite an honor for anyone. Receiving a handful of awards in a given year is pretty impressive. But what do you call it when a company receives 75 awards in one year — and the year’s not over yet? That’s called Pax8. As a born-in-the cloud distributor that understands the complexity of the Managed Service Provider (MSP) world, Pax8 is doing business differently, simplifying how to buy, sell and manage cloud solutions. Most recently, Pax8 won two notable awards: **CTA APEX Award Winner** Last week, Pax8 was named [Emerging Technology Company of the Year]( by the Colorado Technology Association. Pax8’s award-winning is simplifying the way MSPs do business. The technology helps boost efficiency, automation, and scale. So much so, that the company has seen three-year sales growth of 4,393%, ranking #68 on the Inc. 5000. Pax8’s success rests on three main pillars: offering the best experience, understanding businesses’ needs, and working with leading vendors, such as Microsoft, IBM, Webroot and Symantec among others to drive cloud success. Together, Pax8 drives MSPs to achieve more and expand their reach when it comes to new cloud revenue opportunities. [Learn More]( about how Pax8 is impacting the IT industry. **Tech Innovator** This week, Pax8 received another award — the [2018 CRN Tech Innovator Award]( for MSP Technology. [Pax8 Stax]( took top honors in the category for its ability to deliver the Business Intelligence (BI) MSPs need to build complete, automated technology stacks for their clients. This innovative BI tool gives MSPs a single, aggregate view into their client base allowing them to easily identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. [Read More]( about Pax8 and the other CRN Tech Innovator Award winners who are reshaping the IT channel landscape. **Meet Pax8 Stax** Get to know the wide range of vendors included in Pax8 Stax and its capability to enable you to grow your margins, achieve more with cloud technology, and create a customized flight plan for success. **Not a Pax8 Partner?** Escape traditional distribution and watch your cloud business take off with Pax8 as your wingman. [Sign up today](!
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