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Pax8 Ranked #68 on Inc. 5000 List

August 15, 2018

Growth is important. If your practice doesn't have the right people, tools, and processes in place, you'll find it difficult to thrive. At Pax8, we're thrilled to be ranked #68 on the 2018 [Inc. 5000]( list because it demonstrates our commitment to the IT channel. This [ranking]( represents a three-year sales growth of 4,393%. How did we achieve this? We are hyper-focused on simplifying cloud technology for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Hundreds of MSPs switch to Pax8 each month because of the experience we provide. Most distributors abandon MSPs after the sale. We take a different path. By empowering customers with access to experts alongside automated platforms and integrations that make billing, provisioning, and up-selling/cross-selling easy, Pax8 equips MSPs to scale their cloud practices at a faster rate. **Powerful Leadership** Our CEO and creator of Pax8, [John Street](, is no stranger to the Inc. 500. This is the fifth time one of the four companies he's founded has garnered this honor. With 20 years of experience building successful cloud companies, John gained in-the-trenches knowledge about gaps within distribution, especially as they pertain to the cloud. Realizing the opportunity for a company that could make the cloud easy for MSPs to deliver, John founded Pax8 in 2012. **Disrupting Distribution ** Traditional distribution is just that, traditional. Using outdated methods to deliver the cloud often means losing efficiency and profitability along the way. Cloud technology requires a different approach entirely. It's not a pick, pack, and ship world anymore. Transitioning to a cloud mindset, however, requires investment-revamping processes from sales to provisioning and billing. Without these investments, the cloud becomes a less attractive value proposition. **Escape Traditional Distribution ** Ready to take your own business to the company that proves it? Through Pax8's award-winning Cloud Wingman partner program, all these benefits come standard: * Quote-to-cash management platform * Cross-sell and up-sell tool called [Pax8 Stax](™ * Dedicated [Professional Services]( support * [Integration]( with leading PSAs * U.S.-based pre- and post-sales support * 24/7 technical support * Cloud Solution Advisors ready to help To learn even more ways Pax8 helps MSPs thrive in the cloud, click [here]( If you're ready to join the thousands of MSPs benefitting from Pax8's holistic approach to distribution disruption, it's time to get a wingman in the cloud. [Become a Pax8 partner now](
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