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Pax8 Lays Groundwork for Expansion

September 19, 2018

We’ve been busy providing a different way to approach distribution. Using a traditional pick-pack-and-ship method for cloud service delivery doesn’t work. It sucks all the efficiency and profitability out of cloud opportunities. Pax8 exists to make the cloud a profitable proposition for Managed Service Providers (MSP). Read on to learn about the ways you can take your cloud business to the next level with Pax8. 1. Find Pax8 in CRN’s 2018 Partner Program Guide We are disrupting distribution, blowing up the old way of doing business. But it goes beyond that—and we have the industry and partner recognition to prove it. Case in point, Pax8 was just included in CRN’s Partner Program Guide for the second year running. Why is this important? Because it highlights the value our [Cloud Wingman Partner Program]( delivers to MSPs. To be considered for inclusion, technology vendors must provide one-of-a-kind partner program benefits that support cloud infrastructure or applications. The [Wingman Partner Program ]( gives MSPs access to: * full quote-to-cash support * simplified billing * automated provisioning * enablement training * leading [PSA integrations]( * [Pax8 Stax](™ - an easier way to cross-sell and up-sell in the cloud The Cloud Partner Program Guide can be found in the October issue of CRN. To view it, click [here]( 2. Meet our Talented Team A company is only as good as the talent it hires and retains. At Pax8, we’re committed to continually delivering valuable new services to MSPs in the cloud. That’s why we’ve adjusted our organizational structure to promote our top internal talent as well as bring in new faces to help us prepare for expansion. Here’s a quick overview of updates: [John Walters]( will transition from his role of Senior Vice President of Service Delivery to the newly created Senior Vice President of Global Service role, leading the strategic direction of the company’s expansion into international markets. [Susan Mitnick]( was promoted from Vice President of Pax8 University to Chief People Officer (CPO). As CPO, Mitnick will work to optimize the company’s organizational structure to drive increased agility throughout the organization as Pax8 continues to expand its operations. [Brad Fugitt]( was hired as Pax8’s new Chief Information and Security Officer (CISO). In this role, Fugitt will lead the company’s technology governance and policy. [Craig Donovan]( will head up the Partner Solutions team in his new capacity as Vice President of Partner Solutions, expanding partner communications into the engineering cycle and provisioning. These are just a few of the recent investments we’ve made to ensure Pax8 is prepared to keep delivering the types of tools, services, and resources MSPs need to thrive in the cloud. 3. Attend Upcoming Azure Bootcamps Take your Microsoft Azure game to the next level. Join us in Irvine, CA Oct. 25-26 for hands-on training and labs with Microsoft and Pax8 technical professionals. To qualify, click [here]( **Become a Pax8 Partner** Only Pax8 partners gain access to all the time-saving and profitability-boosting resources we mentioned above. Thousands of MSPs have already made the switch to Pax8 for cloud services. Maybe it’s time to consider making the move yourself. [Become a Pax8 partner now](
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