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Make Your Move to Pax8 to Avoid CSP Program Fees

June 06, 2018

Moving your Microsoft CSP Program business over to Pax8 could save you $15,000. In case you haven't already heard, the whole program has been revised. Now, MSPs must meet higher support standards if they want to continue to partner with Microsoft directly. By the end of August, MSPs must meet the following requirements: * Provide at least one managed service, IP service, or customer solution application * Enable billing and provisioning infrastructure * Purchase one of two support packages And those support packages can run up to $50,000, which isn't often worth it unless you're selling a large volume of Microsoft cloud services. No need to panic. Pax8 can help. We're perfectly positioned to help you avoid the high cost of going direct. Instead, you can partner with us to gain the marketing and support firepower needed to continue to deliver Microsoft cloud services without paying the high fees. **Make The Move** Many Managed Service Providers (MSPs) like you have already chosen to rely on a distribution partner for Microsoft CSP Program support and services. Moving to Pax8 for your Microsoft cloud services will empower you to capture higher than average margins while providing: * 24/7 sales support * PSA integrations * Quick & easy billing and provisioning * To start enjoying these and other benefits, become a Pax8 partner today. **Award-Winning Partner Program** Delivering cloud services is easier when you partner with a distributor that goes the extra mile. Being left to navigate old delivery platforms with little to no support sucks the profit right out of your cloud practice. At Pax8, we're committed to keeping our delivery platforms fresh. **The Cloud Wingman partner program provides:** * A complete quote-to-cash cloud services management platform * Customizable marketing resources * Cloud Solution Advisors (CSAs) * An up-sell and cross-sell BI tool called [Pax8 Stax](™ We're always looking for new ways to add more value for our MSP partners. This might be one of the reasons hundreds of MSPs per month switch to Pax8 for cloud services. To learn more about the benefits of making Pax8 your cloud wingman, [click here]( **Beat The Deadline** Before you know it, August 31 will be just a memory. Don't miss your chance to avoid paying hefty support fees. To learn more about all the ways Pax8 simplifies the delivery and management of Microsoft CSP Program services, [register]( for the Live Q&A: Pax8 Wingman CSP Program webinar.
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