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How the Cloud Makes MSPs More Relevant

September 12, 2018

The cloud ecosystem is complex. When building a cloud technology stack, companies have hundreds of solutions to choose from. For this reason, many find it easier to partner with an Managed Service Provider (MSP) for IT expertise rather than tackle the challenge alone. **6 Cloud Headaches MSPs Alleviate ** Evaluating, implementing, and managing cloud installations can be overwhelming because some solutions aren’t robust or mature enough to deliver the value companies need for their IT ecosystem. 1. Environment Assessment The first question is whether to go full cloud or take the hybrid approach. The answer depends on several different factors, including budget and business needs and goals. MSPs cut through the noise and quickly identify the right mix of cloud and on-prem solutions for each client. 2. Product Evaluation Instead of having to invest weeks of time researching vendor solutions, companies can rely on MSPs to know which solutions will deliver the greatest value for the dollar while also integrating with their existing technology stack. 3. Procurement Even after the right solution set is identified, the procurement and implementation process can take months. Meanwhile, Pax8’s Command Console quote-to-cash management platform makes it easy for MSPs to deploy new solutions in minutes. 4. Tuning While a company might be off to a good start with their cloud environment, there’s always opportunity for improvement. A few small tweaks can dramatically improve system efficiencies. 5. Migration Many companies’ internal IT teams are so busy with routine tasks that making time for a cloud migration isn’t on the list. To ensure a timely and thorough move to the cloud that won’t result in internal IT churn, many companies opt to partner with an MSP. 6. Security With ransomware, cybersecurity attacks, and phishing schemes become increasingly sophisticated and effective, security is a top concern for most companies. MSPs can layer a comprehensive security suite on top of cloud solutions to keep company networks, devices, and data secure. The Tool that Helps MSPs Build Technology Stacks [Pax8 Stax](™ makes it easy to build a comprehensive technology stack for customers. By giving MSPs a snapshot of existing gaps within their client’s environment, up-selling and cross-selling becomes easier than ever before. To start using Pax8 Stax today, sign up to [become a Pax8 partner today]( **IaaS Training MSPs Can Bank On** Delivering Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) with Azure can be easy with a Cloud Wingman. Discover just how easy by joining Pax8 for an upcoming Azure boot camp. [Get the details]( **Your Service Delivery Wingman ** At Pax8, we are committed to delivering the best Wingman experience in the business. Our award-winning Cloud Wingman partner program is designed to help you thrive in the cloud. Find out more about how [Pax8 is helping MSPs evolve for the future](
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