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Cross-Sell & Up-Sell Faster with Pax8 Stax

May 10, 2018

Growing your recurring revenue selling managed services just got easier. Pax8 Stax™ gives MSPs visibility into existing cross-sell and up-sell opportunities within their existing customer base. This is accomplished by tracking total market penetration by category: productivity, integration, continuity, and security. Every product on the Pax8 line card is grouped into categories and sub-categories. By having a visual dashboard of what customers have and haven't purchased from your MSP practice, you gain an at-a-glance view of where opportunities exist. **Empower 'Sales' with Actionable Data ** With visibility into customers' technology gaps no more than a click away, your sales team will be able to pitch relevant solutions in less time, increasing the number of proposals your team can send out each day, while improving your odds of closing more business with existing customers. **Filling technology gaps for customers:** * Builds mutual value * Reduces customer churn * Proactively addresses business challenges * Positions you as a trusted advisor If you're like most MSPs, up-selling and cross-selling make up a sizable portion of your revenue. To give your sales team the intel needed to make better upgrade suggestions, [sign up for Pax8 Stax now]( **Downloadable Resources for Sales ** Beyond just showing you technology gaps, Pax8 Stax can also connect your sales team with solutions to suggest as well as downloadable technical data sheets, case studies, and on-demand demos that they can use to answer all the burning questions your customers might have. **Simplify Cross-Selling** Knowing where technology gaps exist in a business is only half the battle. Once a license is successfully sold, it needs to be provisioned and managed. Pax8 Stax can simplify cross-selling in this way, too. Instead of having to log in and out of different vendor portals, new and additional licenses can be provisioned in a single click. Once provisioned, these newly sold licenses will appear in a neatly organized list under the customer's company page within Pax8 Stax. **One Tool, Many Vendors** Having options is important, especially when you're thinking about offering a new solution or service. When it comes to vendor solutions to cross-sell and up-sell, we provide our partners a carefully curated list of award-winning vendor solutions in the most sought-after technology categories. **How do I get Pax8 Stax?** Pax8 Stax is a 100% free service to Pax8 partners. If you're not yet a partner, [become a Pax8 partner now](
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