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CSP Simplified with Your Cloud Wingman

December 12, 2018

Tired of the runaround you get working with traditional distributors when it comes to selling Microsoft products? It’s time to get a wingman. As the leading born-in-the-cloud distributor, Pax8 invites Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to give the Pax8 Wingman CSP Program a try and discover a simpler way to sell Microsoft products. As a Pax8 partner, you receive exclusive margins on any net new customers for Office 365 Business Premium and Microsoft 365 Business, including existing Microsoft customers who upgrade to Microsoft 365 Business. The Pax8 Wingman CSP Program includes: * All Office 365 * Microsoft 365 * Azure, Dynamics 365 * EMS products Pax8 Wingman CSP Program partners receive: * 24/7 partner care * Pre- and Post-sales support * Customer self-service licensing portal * Unified billing * Instant provisioning * PSA tool integrations As the fastest-growing cloud distributor in the industry, Pax8 is perfectly positioned to be your Wingman, enabling you to realize greater revenue opportunities selling Microsoft. The [Pax8 Wingman CSP Program Guide]( details how making the switch to Pax8 delivers exclusive margins and a more simplified experience. **You’ve Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers.** If you’ve got questions about the recently announced changes to the Microsoft CSP program, we’ve got your answers. [Watch the Panel Q&A]( with Ryan Walsh, Chief Channel Officer at Pax8, and Woody Walton, Sr. Partner Technology Strategist at Microsoft, as they answer questions related to the changes, and detail the benefits of the Pax8 Wingman CSP program. **Get Hands On with Microsoft Azure** As a Pax8 partner, you have access to the opportunity to attend free [Microsoft Azure boot camps]( These regional boot camps feature hands-on technical training to ensure you have the knowledge and tools to successfully go-to-market with Microsoft Azure. **Microsoft Interviews Pax8** Watch this [Microsoft panel interview](, to find out more about how Pax8 is disrupting distribution and simplifying the MSP's experience going to market with Office 365 and Azure. **Making the Move is Easy** Already purchasing through another distributor? Not a problem. Your Pax8 Cloud Wingman can easily move your seats to make your life easier. **Ready for a CSP Wingman?** [Sign up today to become a Pax8 partner]( and start expanding your opportunities with this exclusive offer.
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