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8 Reasons Thousands of MSPs Are Switching to Pax8

September 26, 2018

Finding the right cloud distributor can be frustrating. Traditional distributors often approach the cloud like they would any other pick, pack, and ship technology, failing to adjust their internal processes and teams to realize the full efficiency gains the cloud can deliver. If that’s the situation you find yourself in, maybe it’s time to switch to a distributor that not only understands the cloud, but also equips its Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to easily build a profitable cloud practice. While there are a plethora of moving pieces in the cloud, the right tools, integrations, and resources can simplify or automate a significant amount of provisioning, billing, and maintenance activities. Here are the top [8 reasons]( MSPs are switching to Pax8 for cloud services: 1. Billing This is an important area to streamline. Without a way to simplify cloud billing, MSPs can find themselves investing hundreds of unnecessary hours per year manually piecing together invoices from several different vendor portals. Pax8 simplifies the quote-to-cash experience with Command Console, a time-saving tool that integrates with top PSAs and turns the entire quote-to-cash process into a series of easy-to-follow steps. Most MSPs save 7-10 hours per month, powered by Pax8’s billing engine. 2. Support When you partner with Pax8, you get: * 24/7 support * Dedicated service delivery managers * [Wingman Professional Services ]( 3. Provisioning We build automation into our provisioning process by way of vendor APIs, so our MSPs can take full advantage of the service delivery efficiency the cloud has to offer. 4. PSA Integration We offer free integration to today’s top PSAs—Autotask, ConnectWise, Kaseya, and Tigerpaw. [Learn more]( 5. Pax8 Stax™ This business intelligence tool lets MSPs easily identify cross-up and up-sell opportunities within their existing customer base. [See for yourself]( 6. No Quotas, No Minimums We know how frustrating quotas and minimums can be, so we kick them to the curb. Sell what you want, when you want, and cancel at any time. It’s that simple. 7. Born in the Cloud Traditional distributors built their operations for a pick, pack, and ship environment. Most didn’t retool for the cloud, instead opting to jam the cloud into their outdated practices. At Pax8, we were born in the cloud for cloud distribution. 8. Distribution is Broken The bottom line is traditional distribution isn’t delivering or supporting the cloud in a way that equips MSPs to profitably scale their cloud practices. Escape traditional distribution today with Pax8 and achieve more with cloud. [Switch to Pax8 today](
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