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5 Core Benefits of Business Continuity

July 25, 2018

Protecting your business is a must in today's climate. Your customers rely on you for business-critical services, because when you're down, so are they. For this reason, business continuity should be automatically wrapped into every solution you use internally and sell to clients. Although most people think of natural disasters when they think of business continuity, other threats like cyberattacks can be just as problematic. You might be in the least likely place to experience a natural disaster, but no practice is impervious to Internet-borne attacks. According to a 2017 [Datto survey]( of 1,700 MSPs, 75% of MSPs said that at least one of their clients experienced business-threatening downtime due to ransomware alone. When you factor in all the other things that can take a network down, business continuity solutions begin to feel more like an insurance policy than merely an added cost. **5 core benefits of business continuity:** 1. The impact of business disruptions is minimized 2. Financial risks fall 3. An organization's reputation becomes easier to manage and protect 4. It becomes easier to meet legal and compliance requirements 5. Organizational resilience grows **Webinar - How to Sell More Disaster Recovery ** Want to learn more about how you can build or enhance your business continuity practice? If so, we've got just the thing. Pax8 is partnering with Datto, a leading business continuity vendor, to share easy ways to build more recurring revenue selling disaster recovery solutions. [Register]( for the How to Sell More Disaster Recovery webinar now. **Attend CompTIA's ChannelCon for FREE with Pax8** Thanks to Pax8, you can attend ComTIA's ChannelCon event free of charge. The event will take place July 31 - August 2 in Washington, DC. From thought leadership to peer-to-peer networking opportunities and a vendor showcase, this year's event has a lot to offer MSPs aiming to stay competitive. While at the event, make sure to stop by for Pax8's [Operational Efficiency: Going Beyond Just Good Processes]( panel on August 1, 2018 from 10:45 - 11:45 a.m. The session will be led by Pax8's favorite Channel Chief, Ryan Walsh. Get your free ticket to [ChannelCon]( now using promo code CC18Pax8. **Join the Movement ** Hundreds of MSPs just like you choose to become Pax8 partners each month. Why, you ask? Each's reasons might be unique, but here are a few popular ones: * Access to a free quote-to-cash platform called Command Console * Ability to instantly see existing cross-sell and up-sell opportunities with [Pax8 Stax](™ * A better way to sell [Professional Services]( * 24/7 technical support * Customizable marketing resources If you're ready to become a Pax8 partner now, click [here]( Still not convinced? Check out all the other benefits of [becoming a Pax8 partner](
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