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2019 Predictions

January 01, 2019

As we look back on 2018, we reflect on one of the best year’s in the books for Pax8. And we have our 5,000+ partners to thank for it. With 2018 in the rear view mirror, let’s take a look at the most compelling 2019 predictions from Pax8 executives captured by the leading IT channel publications. **CRN CEO Predictions** CRN interviewed the leading IT channel CEOs including [Pax8’s John Street]( Here are some of the highlights from the interview: *Biggest market opportunity*: It’s all about cloud technology in 2019. *Biggest technology investment*: Pax8 will continue to build proprietary technology like [Pax8 Stax](™ to provide more revenue, automation, and growth opportunities for MSPs. *Biggest challenges facing customers*: Channel partners need to evolve their businesses to the cloud. More than 60% of end users today are demanding it. **Channel Partners 2019 Distribution Outlook** Pax8’s Chief Channel Officer Ryan Walsh sat down with Lynn Haber to discuss the biggest predictions in the IT channel in 2019. Here are the highlights: * Massive shift to cloud products. Multiple cloud purchasing will increase 50 to 100% next year alone. The ability to sell and deliver multi-cloud products into a seamless customer solution will separate the best from the average MSP. * Niche. Those who own a definable niche will grow faster and be more profitable than those who don’t. * Customer experience. Crafting and delivering a phenomenal customer experience will only increase as the reason why MSPs will gain or lose customers rather than simply price or even product offerings. **Predictionpalooza ’19** In [Channel Partners](’ final webinar of the year, they brought together experts from across the channel business and technology community to prognosticate about the techs, trends, opportunities, and challenges that will face partners in 2019. The webinar featured Nick Heddy, Chief Revenue Officer at Pax8, who discussed the following predications: * In 2019, we are going to continue to be a massive purchasing shift to cloud products. * While AWS is still the leader in the IaaS market segment, Microsoft Azure will continue to close the gap. * Finally, we will see more businesses demand combined technology stacks, impacting the way distributors and master agents work together. [Watch the webinar on-demand]( **2019 New Year Resolution: Switch to Pax8 ** All predictions aside, what you can be sure of in 2019 is Pax8’s unwavering dedication to our channel partners and the wingman experience we are committed to provide. Not a partner yet? One thing you won’t regret in the New Year is switching to Pax8. Find out why hundreds of channel partners are switching to Pax8 each month. [Sign up today]( and start expanding your opportunities. Cheers to our amazing partners, and Happy New Year!
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