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15,000 Reasons You Need a Microsoft Wingman

May 23, 2018

*Avoid Hefty Microsoft CSP Program Fees with Pax8* If you're a Microsoft CSP Program partner, listen up. You could be paying a direct bill support **fee of $15,000 or more** if you don't switch to Pax8 by August 31, 2018. As a trusted CSP provider for top MSPs, Pax8: * Simplifies billing and provisioning * Delivers industry leading PSA integrations * Provides 24/7 pre-and-post sales support **3 Reasons to Switch to Pax8** Partnerships should come with benefits, and when you partner with Pax8, you unlock benefits that help you scale your cloud practice faster while saving thousands of dollars. Here are just a few reasons why MSPs like you are making the move to Pax8: 1. Avoid a CSP Program Partner Support Fee of up to $15,000 At Pax8, we give MSPs the resources necessary to bypass upcoming Microsoft CSP Program partner support fees. From an automated quote-to-cash platform, to PSA integrations, and other helpful resources, our partners have access to the assistance needed to avoid costly support fees. 2. Get an Award-Winning Partner Program Did you know that Pax8 is the fastest-growing cloud distributor in the industry? From sales support that's superior, to regional boot camps, webinars, and automation tools, and up-sell and upgrade resources, Pax8 partners are equipped with the firepower needed to establish a successful cloud practice. To learn how Pax8 simplifies the Microsoft CSP Program for MSPs, click [here]( 3. Deliver Comprehensive Stax Don't miss out on lucrative cross-sell and up-sell opportunities ever again. Pax8 Stax™ gives you real-time insights into new solutions you could be selling to existing customers. To learn how Pax8 Stax can help you easily build more recurring revenue in the cloud, click [here]( **Don't Miss the Deadline** If you've been thinking about becoming a Pax8 partner, now is the time. You can avoid paying Microsoft CSP support fees of up to $15,000 simply by switching over to Pax8. We have the tools and resources needed to elevate your cloud practices. [Switch to Pax8 now](
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