Cox Business Phone

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Cox Business Phone provides voice services for any size organization, with convenient phone service plans for small businesses and complete business phone systems for enterprise organizations.

Cox Business Phone provides voice services for any size organization, with convenient phone service plans for small businesses and complete business phone systems for enterprise organizations.

Key Features

  • 40+ standard business voice features
  • Enterprise trunking services
  • Advanced features including vanity numbers, virtual routing

Key Benefits

  • Reliable to keep business communications flowing
  • Plans to fit every business size
  • Combines with Cox Business Internet for greater value

Cox Business Phone Plans are most popular with small businesses, helping them run more efficiently with powerful calling features and management tools that integrate seamlessly with the existing business phone system. Stay connected to your customers with our small business VoIP phone service that integrates your existing equipment, computer, and mobile devices, and provides more than 40 business voice features.

Cox Business Phone Systems are ideal for larger businesses, allowing them to go fully hosted with our IP Centrex system, an advanced, scalable business phone system that includes all hardware and equipment, along with comprehensive technical support.

Our Enterprise Phone Services include Unified Communications, which enable you to take calls and access all of your office phone features--including instant messaging--from your desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Through smartphone integration, your office line appears as a second dial pad on your smartphone. Your privacy is maintained when you place a voice call with a UC App, as your work number appears on the caller ID, rather than your private cell number. In addition, you can use many of the same calling features available on your office desk phone, on your smartphone and tablet.

Trunking Services enhance your existing enterprise phone system with crystal clear call quality and innovative productivity tools for both SIP and PRI-based trunking systems. Get the most from your on-premise phone equipment and PBX. Our SIP and PRI Trunking Services provide crystal-clear calling, easy scalability, and cloud-based features to help your employees stay productive.

Throttle your calling capacity based on business demands with SIP Trunking. This cost-effective voice solution integrates with your existing SIP PBX system, with features that scale with you and keep your teams connected. With easy online management through MyAccount, your business is always up and running.

You can enjoy lower capital costs integration between your existing IP PBX and our IP network which eliminates the need to install expensive gateway hardware and provides cost savings to your business. Specify the exact number of trunks your business needs and pay for only the capacity you use.

It’s easy to update trunk group features, enterprise trunk features, and view trunk metrics at a glance, all from an intuitive web interface.

Additional Business Phone Services help your organization get the most out of your business phone service with features such as voicemail, long-distance plans, service assurance, and more.

  • 1-800 Toll-Free Vanity Numbers: Toll-free phone numbers give your customers, clients, and vendors a free, easy way to call you. We offer toll-free numbers beginning with 800, 888, 877, 866, and more to match your phone service needs and provide your customers a simple and professional way to contact you. You can keep your number and seamlessly transition your existing toll-free or vanity toll-free number in a snap.
  • Virtual Routing: Optional routing features provide flexibility, directing calls anywhere your business is located.
  • Track Calls: Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS) and Automatic Number Identification (ANI) allow your customer service representatives to see who is calling, helping to improve customer experience and reduce transaction time.
  • Long-Distance and Toll-Free Numbers: Our wide range of long-distance and toll-free options provide voice solutions designed for your business.


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