Pax8 Puts HCS Technical Services on the Path to Unprecedented Growth

The Problem

Traditional Distributor's Inexperience Prevents Profitability

HCS Technical Services knows what it takes to transform their clients’ businesses, and they provide a wide range of cloud services to enable that transformation. The problem was that their traditional distributor wasn’t helping them transform their business in order to profit in the cloud.

"We looked at traditional distributors' cloud offerings and how they managed software. It was a nightmare. It's okay to buy our hardware from them, but we needed someone else to help us elevate our cloud business."

Todd Gates, President at HCS Technical Services

Legacy distributors often try to incorporate cloud into the traditional mold of distribution, but it just won’t fit. Their inexperience usually falls short of helping their clients expand their reach to securing cloud success.


“We wanted to provide comprehensive cloud services that could help our clients focus on innovation and growth,” adds Gates. “But it had to be easy for us too, since we didn’t want to spin our wheels hassling with buying, provisioning, billing, and other back office jobs that would cut into our margins.”

The Solution

Pax8 Delivers Unprecedented Growth Opportunities

As a born-in-the-cloud company, Pax8 understands their partners’ needs and strengthens their opportunities to realize greater revenues in the lucrative cloud market. Recognized by the ASCII community as a cloud leader, Pax8 has a reputation for helping the IT channel achieve more with cloud.


HCS Technical Services was impressed with the support from Pax8 and how the company was able to help them succeed with cloud. It started with Microsoft Office 365 and expanded from there.

"Our first experience with the company was so hands-on when we moved all of our Microsoft Office 365 seats under Pax8 management. Since then, we've seen 5 times the growth."

Delivering unprecedented growth and unbelievable service and support are the key factors to the success of Pax8 – a success they can only achieve when their partners are successful. “We only want to bring on technology solutions from vendors that are working with Pax8 because of the seamless workflow they provide our company,” says Gates.


HCS Technical Services has been able to automate their processes and simplify how they do business, so they can achieve their goal of offering cloud services to their clients that make sense for their business. “We couldn’t do this without Pax8,” adds Gates. “They are a huge part of our technology stack and the best partner for our business.”

The Benefits

The Sky's the Limit With Pax8

With a “mission to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more,” Microsoft solutions was right in step with HCS Technical Services’ mission to transform their clients’ businesses. But it took working with Pax8 for the company to realize their full potential in offering Microsoft and other powerful cloud solutions.


“Pax8 has the best platform for buying Microsoft products, provisioning, and billing. There is nothing like it in the IT channel,” says Gates. Pax8 simplifies the quote-to-cash experience and empowers their partners to capture double-digit margins when selling Microsoft products as part of their technology stack.

"Instant provisioning and automation from a partner seems simple and straightforward, but this is important for us and not all distributors are created equal. We're growing quickly and scaling. Without Pax8, we're not sure that would be possible."

With the ability to customize billing, automate provisioning, import data, ensure operational efficiency, and so much more — all from a single platform — Pax8 empowers partners, like HCS Technical Services, to take their cloud business to the next level. “The vision for scaling wouldn’t be as big for us if we were working with a legacy distributor,” adds Gates. “The sky’s the limit for us with Pax8.”

Only Blue Skies Ahead

In order for any company to fully transform and embrace cloud as a part of their business, they first need a cloud solution that they can trust – and which their clients can too. After discovering how easy Microsoft Office 365 was with Pax8, the MSP only had one partner in mind when it came to adding Microsoft Azure to their business.


With an ever-expanding set of cloud services and accessibility to every organization, no matter the size, Microsoft Azure enables HCS Technical Services to help their clients meet their business challenges. However, with thousands of SKUs and a usage-based billing model, Azure can be quite challenging for MSPs without the help of a cloud expert.


“We’re heavily focused on developing our Microsoft Azure technical capabilities,” says Gates. “We’re looking forward to attending a Pax8 and Microsoft Azure Bootcamp and working with Pax8 to develop our Microsoft Azure strategy.” At Pax8 + Microsoft Azure Bootcamps, partners get free access to hands-on learning and labs with Microsoft and Pax8 technical resources, training materials to help them sell Microsoft Azure, go-to-market plans, and one-on-one consultation with Pax8 Infrastructure Engineers.

"Pax8 makes it easy to get our cloud products provisioned and deployed. We can't do that with anyone else."

Pax8 provides their partners with predictive cost analytics, enabling them to optimize their techniques and strategically lower costs; threshold management, so they are aware when they are approaching their customized, consumption-based thresholds; and detailed billing to show their clients’ granular billing data.

A Mission for Growth

As HCS Technical Services grows, they’re going to need a partner that can provide support to optimize their transformation.

"Pax8 offers so much support, including incredible Professional Services."

Pax8 Professional Services are facilitated through their team of highly-skilled Cloud Architects and Engineers that help partners plan, assess, design, migrate, customize, and optimize cloud solutions. Services include: white-glove email and Microsoft Azure migrations, AD connect and sync, hardening Microsoft Office 365, and custom projects.


“We have two large projects coming up, and Pax8 is going to help us through their Professional Services program,” adds Gates. At a recent Pax8 Mission Briefing in Dallas, Gates learned more about Pax8 services, as well as insights into cultivating a proactive selling approach and best practices for developing a security strategy when building an end-to-end technology stack in the cloud. “We feel bad for other partners that are not working with Pax8,” he shares. “We hear so many horror stories that we just don’t have to go through when it comes to cloud. We’re so glad to have Pax8.”

The Results

Increased Growth & Profitability Opportunities with a Cloud Expert

From taking care of the business at hand to empowering HCS Technical Services to reach even higher with Microsoft Azure, Pax8 has proven their measure as the only cloud distributor that HCS Technical Services will ever need.

"They do everything they say they're going to do, and more."

About HCS Technical Services

HCS Technical Services specializes in a wide range of tailored IT services and solutions for small and medium-size businesses throughout Texas. The company is committed to providing each and every one of its clients with high quality service and support through its incredibly friendly and experienced IT team. HCS Technical Services provides clients with customized support, so they only get what they need and want. Learn more here.



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