Pax8 + Microsoft Drive Efficiency and Client Satisfaction for TrueIT

The Problem

Manual Licensing Prevents Maximum Efficiency

As a nimble, highly responsive, and fast-growing managed IT and software development company, TrueIT does things differently to help their clients accelerate their businesses. Their focus is on making sure their clients’ technology is tuned for maximum efficiency — now and into the future. Unfortunately, when it came to driving maximum efficiency for their own business, they were just ambling along. “We were part of the direct tier 1 Cloud Service Provider (CSP) Program with Microsoft, but we were desperately in need of more support and a portal that was easier to navigate,” says Brant Flint, Marketing Sales Manager at TrueIT.

"When a client would come to us to add more seats, we were manually managing licensing, which was a huge burden for our teams."

Brant Flint, Marketing Sales Manager at TrueIT

This kind of manual labor wasn’t moving the company forward or helping them keep their promise to their clients. They needed a much easier, and automatic, way of managing and maintaining their Microsoft business. Pax8 stepped in to provide TrueIT with well-rounded coverage for their Microsoft business.”We like working with Pax8, because their operations fit our needs,” says Flint. “The way Pax8 goes to market with their partners complements how we run our business and serve our clients.”

The Solution

Pax8 Automates Business Processes

Pax8 understands that for MSPs to be successful with cloud, they need a born-in-the-cloud partner that understands the intricacies of the cloud and how to address them. By simplifying the cloud-selling experience, partners are able to focus on growing their businesses, not the tediousness of manually managing services. Using the Pax8 Portal, TrueIT was able to easily add or make changes to licenses and eliminate any ordering or billing issues, which allowed them to spend more time selling. The Pax8 Portal enabled TrueIT to completely automate their Mircosoft business.

"Pax8 helped us become more operationally efficient. Now, we're able to put our efforts where they belong — providing a great experience for our clients."

As part of the Pax8 CSP Program TrueIT took their Microsoft business to the next level – enhancing their ability to reap double-digit margins, benefit from instant provisioning, and easily sync subscriptions to corresponding PSA agreements and contracts. “With Pax8, we’re able to optimize our existing client base while expanding our reach to grow our business,” adds Flint.

The Benefits

Driving Efficiency and Satisfying Clients

In finding a better way to help their clients accelerate their businesses, TrueIT was able to automate their processes and streamline their own business procedures, giving them more time and opportunities to work on their clients. From a single platform, the Pax8 Portal, TrueIT can import their company data, export products as services, and quickly access accurate billing and contract information.

"The Pax8 Portal has made everything self-serve for us and our clients. They give us an efficient licensing operation and ongoing management capabilities that simplify our purchasing and provide us with great support."

Pax8 leads with cloud, providing top-notch support for its partners when, where, and how they need it. Through PSA integrations, our partners can experience frictionless billing and the fastest provisioning in the industry. It’s easier for partners to embrace more potential cloud service offerings and provide a better client experience, enhancing their opportunities to grow and scale their business.

Pax8 Lays the Foundation for Microsoft Success

With a focus of providing the best client experience, TrueIT needed an expert to support their efforts. Pax8 answered their call and helped them expand their opportunities by providing their clients with Microsoft 365 Business. The complete and intelligent solution, which includes Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security, enables their clients to securely work and collaborate. While transitioning their clients from Microsoft Enterprise 3 to Microsoft 365 Business, TrueIT was able to automate their business transactions and provide more security for their clients.

"Pax8 mapped a way for us to easily move to Microsoft 365 Business, which took a lot of work off of our team members. Within the Pax8 Portal, we have a quick dashboard to know who is using what technology, and clients can be converted with the click of a button."

TrueIT has shifted the client conversation from simple, technical support engagement to now delivering everything their clients need with Microsoft 365 Business, helping them achieve tangible business outcomes.


Their clients immediately recognize the value of Microsoft 365 Business’ features and appreciate the straightforward way TrueIT is able to facilitate their transition. Providing clients with increased security at a comparable cost, and a familiarity that makes moving to the new system align with the current ways clients are doing business, TrueIT is modernizing their clients’ workplaces with Pax8 and Microsoft 365 Business.


“Security is top of mind for our clients,” says Flint. “It’s our job, as our clients’ trusted advisor, to counter emerging security threats in order to better serve them and stay relevant.”With the increased security and overall features offered in Microsoft 365 Business, TrueIT was able to eliminate common support issues, increase profitability, and realize additional service revenue. It also allowed them to focus on the needs of their clients without having to manually manage their services or wade through long sales cycles.”The Pax8 Portal allows us to map our IT directly back to our clients,” adds Flint. “We’re able to automate the transition and eliminate errors, making management a breeze.”

The Results

Achieving Greater Operational Efficiency

More than just a distributor, Pax8 is a trusted partner to TrueIT that advances their business opportunities, and in turn, accelerates their client success.The Pax8 Portal integrates with leading PSA tools and provides partners with valuable reporting that highlights opportunities to move clients to Microsoft 365 Business and other key solutions, maximizing value for clients and partners alike. As the leader in cloud distribution, Pax8 is the trusted CSP Expert for top MSPs, simplifying the Microsoft CSP Program through billing, provisioning, automation, Professional Services, and free 24/7 pre and post-sales partner support.

"Not only did Pax8 help us transform our business by offering Microsoft 365 Business but they made it easy. There's no more manual inputting or tracking; everything is automatic and fits perfectly into our workflows."

Pax8 also values their relationships with their partners. From providing support through Microsoft Bootcamps and Mission Briefings to Professional Services, Pax8 empowers their partners to take their cloud business to the next level.

"The Pax8 CSP Program has opened doors for us and helps us achieve our business goals without any of the hassle. Pax8 works with us to drive innovation instead of just managing IT."

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TrueIT bridges the gap between technical staff and non-technical executives and managers. The company provides a solid system to automate a lot of the common IT solutions that shouldn’t be consuming IT departments, but often do. TrueIT provides the tools to enable client success at a price businesses can afford. TrueIT also acts as an IT company for businesses who do not have an internal department. They deliver technology as a service with loyalty and trust for the stabilization and acceleration of IT business.


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