MSP Finds Cloud Success Through Partnership With Pax8

The Problem

Finding the Right Way to Offer Cloud Solutions

Integrated Technology Group (ITG) began as a break/fix company serving small and medium-sized businesses in Virginia. As the IT ecosystem evolved, the company strategically transitioned to the managed services model, taking on a larger role managing the IT needs of their clients. After a few years, the landscape shifted again as the power of cloud began to replace traditional on-premises solutions.

ITG quickly understood the importance of offering cloud and began selling it through their legacy distributor. Unfortunately, that distributor had little experience with cloud, and could not provide adequate support or comprehensive management for
these solutions.

"Struggling with that legacy distributor always made me think that there must be a better way to do this. There has to be."

Paul Meadows, President and CEO of Integrated Technology Group

Luckily for ITG, there was a better way and they would soon realize it.

The Solution

A Partner That Educates and Simplifies

ITG had known about Pax8 as an option for cloud distribution for years, but they weren’t aware of all the benefits that Pax8 offered. While participating in a Robin Robins accountability group, ITG met another managed service provider (MSP) who had recently switched to Pax8 and was extremely pleased with the results. This MSP encouraged ITG to partner with Pax8, telling them how easy the transition had been and how much it had helped their business.

"Hearing from another partner that they had found a great way to be successful with Pax8 meant a lot to me."

It didn’t take long after that for ITG to become a Pax8 partner, supplying their clients with cloud solutions including Microsoft 365, Azure, Teams, and more. In addition to getting the products they needed more easily, ITG found that they had access to excellent support and immense educational resources that could help them achieve their goals.

The Benefits

An Easy Transition

ITG was previously hesitant to change distributors, fearing that the work of transitioning all their services over wouldn’t be worth it. Change can be hard, but when they heard how easy it was to get started with Pax8, they jumped at the opportunity to make the switch.

"When I started working with Pax8, they helped us understand the migration process so we would be confident in our success. When the migration happened and it was a smooth transition, I knew I had made the right choice by moving all of our cloud business to Pax8."

Once they had access to the Pax8 Platform, ITG quickly moved their client base over and began managing their services, making use of the platform’s easy-to-use interface and automation options.

Streamlining With PSA Integrations

For ITG, being able to integrate with their preferred PSA tool, ConnectWise, was also a major selling point for switching to Pax8. ITG’s previous distributor did not offer any PSA integration, making it incredibly difficult to manage thousands of licenses. It also burdened the company with manual billing, costing the business hours and hours of extra work. This extra work forced ITG to hire a part-time employee just to handle the tasks that a PSA integration could do automatically.

"Before our partnership with Pax8, it was a nightmare to manage our licenses. Now, it's as effortless as can be. It saves us hours in each work week."

With less stress around ordering, billing, and provisioning, ITG was free to focus their time and effort supporting their clients.

Rewarding Weekly Webinars

One of the things ITG enjoys the most about their partnership with Pax8 is the education provided through Mission Briefings, Bootcamps and webinars. The education and enablement offer partners technical knowledge, sales techniques, insight from industry leaders, and more.

"I love having our team learn something new each week through the incredible education provided for us by Pax8. What's more is that these education sessions and events are an added benefit to us as a partner. The education keeps my team up to date on all the best practices and keeps us informed about the state of the channel."

ITG’s interest and attendance at the weekly Wednesday webinars that took place in the summer of 2020 ended up paying off in a major way. As attendees, ITG qualified for the Pax8 2020 Jeep(R) Gladiator giveaway. ITG was announced as the lucky winner, coming away with a brand-new fleet vehicle which was both an exciting surprise and something they had been looking to add for their expanding business. It also added incredibly to the company’s morale in the midst of the struggle the company was facing during the pandemic.

"Winning the Jeep was a huge surprise and an incredible morale booster for our company. A huge THANK YOU to Pax8 for giving us joy and hope during this time."

The Results

More Opportunities for Growth

After struggling with legacy distribution, ITG achieved more by realizing the benefits of a born-in-the-cloud distributor that provides empowerment, education, and a simplified partner experience.


Making the switch to Pax8 was easy, and allowed ITG to streamline their operations, eliminate redundant work, and expand their team’s knowledge. These positive changes enabled ITG to take on more clients, confident that they could scale up with the help of Pax8.

"Our partnership with Pax8 has enabled us to grow and scale our managed services business, and we know that we can continue to achieve bigger goals with their support."

With Pax8, ITG can finally do cloud the right way, giving their clients the solutions they need without the hassle. It’s just another example of how the Wingman Experience helps businesses soar.

About Integrated Technology Group

Integrated Technology Group offers managed IT services, cloud integrations, continuity planning, and more to broad range of small and medium-sized businesses in Virginia, Wyoming, and South Dakota. Trust and integrity are at the heart of everything ITG does as a Managed Service Provider, ensuring their clients that they can rely on a trustworthy business partner to remove the stress of IT. ITG stands committed to their clients, as well as to their team and to their community.



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