Amanda Lee

Amanda Lee headshot

I spend a lot of my time meeting with partners, media, and analysts. They always have unique ideas, and I am eager to listen and learn. After more than a decade working in the tech industry, I am excited about how Pax8 is making a lasting impact on the industry and leading the cloud movement.


I am inspired and fascinated by entrepreneursthose who have taken a risk to start something new. Their ideas, innovations, and inspirations leave a lasting impact.


I have a passion for adventure. As a child, I was always exploring—whether on the playground at school, in the woods, or riding horses. As an adult, my love for travel, independence, and adventure continues. I’ve traveled all over the world and lived in 11 different cities across the country. There is so much I still want to see and do.


I love animals. When we moved to Colorado, I rescued a beautiful Great Pyrenees named Cody.  He brings our family so much love and joy. And he gives the best hugs!


When I worked for the U.S. Congress, I was exposed to so many different people with diverse cultures. The diversity of thought and viewpoints helped shape my perspective in so many ways. It taught me about the importance of social impact and how to appreciate, learn from, and respect all people.


Two years ago, I started a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating and empowering future technology leaders. The technology industry is growing and changing rapidly. Through the nonprofit, we are bringing IT leaders together to help build the future pipeline of technology leaders through education, training, and outreach.


Education is as important as life’s essentials like air, food, and water. Education is critical to your success—both personally and professionally. Always invest in education. It is an investment in yourself.