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Data is everywhere.

Protecting it is everything.

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Protect your client data in the cloud.

Why You Need SaaS Protection

  • 1 in 3 companies report losing data stored in SaaS applications

  • Microsoft and GSuite only store data for 30 days after deletion

  • Ransomware attacks can impact cloud data

  • Protect against accidental end-user data deletion

Pax8 offers Datto SaaS Protection so your critical data won’t slip through the cracks.

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SaaS Protection for Office 365

Protect Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Contacts, and Calendars in Office 365.

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SaaS Protection for Google Apps

Protect emails, documents, calendars, sites, and contacts in Google's G Suite.

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SaaS Protection for O365 Backup

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Ransomware and Office 365 for Business

SIRIS 3 Platform

Protect anything. Run anywhere. Restore anytime.

The first fully-featured, total data protection platform, delivered in one integrated package.

  • Ransomware detection and protection

  • Faster backups and restores

  • Seamless and simple implementation

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Complete Datto Suite

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SaaS Protection

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Siris 3

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Networking Appliance

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