Our journey: moving in the right direction


Our journey to become the leading global cloud marketplace over the last few years has been extraordinary. From acquisitions to partnerships and investments, our company has grown exponentially, reaching close to 300 employees across the EMEA region, helping to serve more than 2500 partners across Europe. Let’s take a closer look at the successes of the past few years and the reasons behind them.

Acquisitions and Investments

Kicking off the year in 2021, with the acquisition of Wirehive, the cloud hosting and consulting services provider, we were able to initiate our emergence in Europe. This move propelled us further into the European market and the success of this partnership resulted in the acquisition of Resello, a cloud services distributor based in Zwolle. In 2022, we continued to prosper by acquiring TVG, a leading cloud services and software distributor in Northeastern Europe. These partnerships have brought an array of new talent into the Pax8 EMEA family, who are committed to helping us expand our network. 

As well as acquisitions, our company has reached new markets, advancing digital transformation globally in the process. In April 2022, we raised $185 million in new equity capital from new investor SoftBank Vision Fund 2. This investment will fuel our sky-high ambitions for Pax8 in EMEA and around the world.

Award Successes

The Pax8 EMEA journey has been recognised within the industry, with more than 50 impressive award wins over the past two years. In July 2021, we won the MSUS Partner Award in Business Excellence Indirect Provider which recognises businesses for innovative solutions and exceptional use of advanced features in Microsoft technologies. 

In October, we won the Innovative Distributor category for the CompTIA Spotlight awards, for outstanding services to the technology industry. Our company’s success at the CompTIA Spotlight awards continued when Chloe Cameron, Vice President of Operations for Pax8 UK, won the Advancing Women in Technology Spotlight award in recognition of her commitment and professionalism in the technology sector. 

Our award excellence continued beyond 2021 and we are still being recognised for our unique approach to cloud distribution. In May 2022, we won the Channel Partner of the Year category for the IT Europa Awards, recognising our excellence in the Channel and just last week, Lizzie Robinson in Operations was named ‘Future Leader of the year’ at CompTIA UK’s 2022 Awards ceremony. 

The Importance of Company Culture

As impressive as the award wins are, they do not tell the full story of Pax8’s success. What really is behind our triumphs as a business, is the people who work there and the company culture we have in place.

At Pax8, we believe it’s essential to build a company culture that inspires positive change and achievement, while ensuring that every employee feels like they genuinely belong to our family. As a direct result of this, our team has formed a collaborative culture which has driven our company forward to 800% year on year growth.

Our Journey Continues

The past few years for Pax8 have been exciting to say the least. New partnerships and awards wins are all underpinned by a company culture which places our employees at the heart of everything we do. Our hyper growth is showing no sign of declining… and some might say we’re only just getting started.

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