As an MSP, you offer a lot of solutions to your clients — but does your tech stack offer all the solutions they use?


If you don’t, you might be leaving a lot on the table. An all-inclusive stack that covers the bases for your client’s tech needs is a powerful key to maximizing business success. By building a “total tech stack” you can become a one-stop shop for your clients, which comes with several major benefits.


In this article, we’ll explore those benefits to show the true power of a strategic, standardized tech stack.


1. Improve your value.

The equation is pretty simple — the more solutions and services your clients consolidate with you, the more monetary savings and efficiencies they can achieve.


Instead of spending time and money interfacing with several different vendors, your client can simply come to you. This reduces or outright eliminates the amount of documentation, contracts, communications, billing, and other administrative tasks that the client traditionally performs with multiple vendors.


Your client’s finance department will certainly appreciate the reduced number of invoices to deal with and not having to keep track of each vendor’s billing cycles and payment processes. Your client will also enjoy a more streamlined support process that won’t require employees to hunt around for the right number to call whenever an urgent issue arises. Most importantly, your client will love the savings and discounts that will come from stacking and bundling related products and services together.


All of these gains in efficiency will reflect well on you as the IT provider and will help to create more value to your business in your client’s eyes.


2. Up your “stickiness” factor.

What’s the stickiness factor? It’s the measurement of how well you’ve embedded your services with your clients, and how difficult it would be for them to leave the partnership. When you’ve achieved enough relevance to the daily operations of a client, they’re less likely to consider looking for a “better deal” from a competitor.


One of the best ways to up your stickiness with your clients is by providing as many of the solutions they rely on as you can. This deepens your relationship and creates more risk of upheaval should the client decide to change things up.


In short, becoming a one-stop shop gives you a measure of protection against the competition.


3. Become more relevant.

At the end of the day, organizations just don’t want things to be more difficult than they need to be. Streamlining and optimization is the name of the game and wherever you can offer that, your clients will be sure to appreciate it.


By covering all their needs and simplifying IT vendor and solution management, you stand to increase your relevance to their daily operations.


Once you become the trusted, go-to source for all things tech, you become a larger part of the organization’s success and they will be more likely to see the benefits you’re creating.


4. Provide more room for growth.

Your clients probably aren’t going to stay the same size forever. As they scale, they’ll likely need more solutions to accommodate their growth. This is another reason it’s so important to establish yourself as their go-to solution provider, as it will create more opportunities for you in the future.


A good, standardized tech stack doesn’t just cover all the client’s current IT needs, it also provides room to upsell or cross-sell more advanced solutions as they become necessary.


For example, your tech stack for a client may include productivity apps like M365 or Microsoft Teams. As the client scales, they may outgrow the native storage capabilities of those apps and require a third-party backup solution to handle the data. That then becomes your opportunity to provide another solution, which nets you more profit and further deepens your relationship with the client.


5. Build layered protection.

Being the sole provider of all your client’s solutions isn’t just good for the profit margins of both companies, it’s also a preferable strategy for establishing a healthy security posture.


In today’s cybersecurity landscape, a layered approach is necessary to combat the scale and variety of threats out there. Picking the right solutions to build a proper multi-layered approach isn’t easy, especially if the business is making the choices themselves. There are so many solutions and vendors out there, and the organization may not have the time or resources to research what works best or how different solutions work together.


That’s where you come in. As their trusted advisor on all things tech, you can be the one to research and build the cybersecurity stack that provides the best possible protection against cyberthreats and ensures that your clients will comply with cybersecurity best practices.


6. Get more benefits with Pax8.

Partnering with the right distributor can make your transformation into a one-stop shop both easier and more profitable. Pax8 can help you every step of the way to build, consolidate, and standardize your tech stack. Some of the benefits you’ll enjoy include:


Favorable pricing modules that lead to increased monthly recurring revenue (MRR)

Streamlined platform processes, such as consolidated billing, automated provisioning, and improved workflows

Dashboard-driven business insights, such as vendor utilization and category penetration

Specialized knowledge and guidance from category-focused Pax8 Solution Consultants


The efficiencies and cost savings will only stack up the more solutions you add to your Pax8 stack.


Learn More About the Power of a Strategic Tech Stack

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